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  1. Hello, i catch strange crash: https://pastebin.com/N3X6TTFS Please help me with him P.S. I don`t delete all ERROR mods - they are main mods in modpack P.S.S Forge 31.2.22
  2. After <gradlew buid > im wait 15 min (earlier faster) Create 1 file (modid-version) with error Console: https://pastebin.com/uubQxkas
  3. Okay, i finally fix this. If you have this problem just remove cache file in .gradle and reinstall forge again.
  4. Okay, it`s very strange, but i catch error with build file about version forge_build version Delete all version Java and reinstall - Don`t work Update gradle 4.6 - Don`t work Reinstall IDEA - Don`t work Try Eclipse - Don`t work I don`t know build.gradle
  5. Hello, Today found that minecraft with forge does not start, run no reaction. Signs of "life" of the game does not show.
  6. This very bad, but 1.7.10 have little bugs
  7. Hi guys, I'm Russian, so sorry for my language. So recently I found one mistake. Who knows how to fix it? sreenshot - http://prntscr.com/49e6fj
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