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  1. It seems like a nice idea... but will you do by yourself some special models oraz items to your mod? Dont get me wrong, mechanics its only beginning. I think making such mode, if you do it alone, will take you very long time. Do you certain you are gonna make it alive? Cause this is very ambitious mod.
  2. Heheh it looks cool, you had found very nice wideo mate hopefully someone will make tut to this and post it on internet. Still searching...
  3. I agree, it looks like some files are missing...
  4. It seems very intresting. Is there any ebook version of this novel? I hope it is, cause I like to read on Kindle. About movie I have uncertain feelings, Im affraid they will ruin specific the atmosphere of the game.
  5. Still need many posts to go out from Tree Puncher, meh.... Btw I thought it would more than just two Reality Controller...
  6. Wow, you first picture looks very promising. How big is this model? Are you gonna make also much bigger dinosuars, like t-rex?
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