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  1. Aha! Thank you. Seems like I was using an older tutorial. Thanks a lot!
  2. Finally got setupDecompWorkspace to work (over here), but now I can't seem to get the eclipse workspace setup correctly... I think. "gradlew.bat eclipse" works fine with no errors. I load up minecraft, setting the workspace to the Eclipse folder. The Minecraft source is no where to be seen. If I press Run Minecraft pops up and runs fine. Screenshot http://s1.postimg.org/gqkyde773/Eclipse_Forge_Problem.png[/img] Help?
  3. Woo! It works! I thought I was going crazy. Feels a little weird that the solution is something I tried 50 times already though. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Another one of these lovely errors. I've been wrestling with this for about a day now, and after some thorough forum lurking, googling, and hair pulling, have gotten no closer to solving the issue. I am trying to setup forge so I can start modding. I've downloaded the latest version, (and have also tried with several of the earlier versions, with the same result.) I am running Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I've got Java 7 and the SDK setup. I had Java 8 installed, but I uninstalled it. The PATH and JAVA_PATH system variables are setup correctly. I extract the contents of the Forge SRC zip to a new folder. Then I open up the console, and enter >gredlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace Then I get this: (I replaced my user folder name with USERNAME) When I browse to C:\Users\USERNAME\.gradle\caches\minecraft\, there is no Assets folder inside of it, which I've gathered there is supposed to be. All that is inside it are two folders: "de" and "net". I have tried running this with --refresh-dependencies as well as setupDevWorkspace and there are no changes. Please help!
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