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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make the OnRightClick method work on the block that the crosshair is pointing to,
  2. Thank you for the help the problem was I accidentally made the assets folder in java instead of resources
  3. I am having problems setting the texture for my block, there is a spoiler below with the blocks code, please help as this is very frustrating.
  4. Nevermind i managed to fix it, but I have one last question, Can I make a block texture larger than 16 x 16?
  5. Thanks this answers one of my problems but, For some reason it cannot find the project file for forge and I cannot fix it
  6. After asking this question I found myself baffled at the problem I now face which is eclipse not finding the .project file to make my mod since the last one I had was corrupted and I needed to deobfuscate so I could restore the mod, and now i'm wondering if I can, please help.
  7. Thanks for replying so quick, and by the way I like your mod
  8. Does anyone know why we need to use forge gradle instead of regular forge?
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