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  1. Thank you so much man! Thank you! Ive been messing around with it all morning and couldnt figure it out!
  2. I have the same problem, would be nice if someone could help us
  3. All my sounds load but how would i play them? I use this method below: world.playSoundAtEntity(entityplayer, customSound, 1F, 1F); Once the sound is loaded into the sound pool, shouldnt it just play if i use "customSound" ? Or do you think it would work if i make a custom folder like "random.arrow"? Kinda lost here, would be great for a little advice .
  4. Does anyone know how to add custom sounds and play them? Such as mob sound or something? Here is what i use now: (Doesn't work) manager.soundPoolSounds.addSound("/com/f3rullo14/fgm/sounds/" + customsound + ".ogg"); Then i use this method to play the sound: world.playSoundAtEntity(entityplayer, customsound, 1F, 1F);
  5. How did you register the sound? And how did you play them? It just doesnt play at all, no errors show up. I use the method to play: world.playSoundAtEntity(entityplayer, customsound, 1F, 1F); The to register it, i use: manager.soundPoolSounds.addSound("/com/f3rullo14/fgm/sounds/" + customsound+ ".ogg");
  6. Funny. Because I updated that tutorial for 1.5 and I can't get my existing code to work with 1.6 Make sure the names for your image's folder is lowercase in the directory and code. Worked for me
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