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  1. I noticed that the thing i was supposed to launch was GradleStart.java but i could not launch it for some reason, so i moved it to the default package and then launched it, everything worked!
  2. Okay, so I downloaded the forge src build: forge-1.7.10- (recommended at this time). I ran "gradlew setupDecompWorkspace" and then "gradlew eclipse" in the folder where I extracted the files from the forge zip file. I followed Pahimar's tutorial, lets mod reboot, while doing this and for him when he imported the project into eclipse the run configurations were already set, but for me they were not. So i went ahead and selected it manually to net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch, and when i ran it, i get this error: http://pastebin.com/rqU6aSD4 Can someone help me? I might also add that before I had another problem that said JAVA_HOME was not set as an environment variable when i ran "gradlew setupDecompWorkspace", these problems might be connected? (I have no idea really) Also, this is how my workspace in eclipse looks like: http://scr.hu/0llz/e72yf Do note though that i have the Forge file in the referenced libraries, but somehow im still missing net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch: http://scr.hu/0llz/3xp8n
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