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  1. Happy bday then LexManos! And thanks too both for the update and for the incredible amount oif work you put into this, for the good of the whole community. We appreciate it more than you know. And also more than many of us know, by ourselves too!
  2. Thanks for the heads up =) Let's hope there's some word from staff here eventually too though.
  3. I hope it is not frowned uppon to ask this, so I'll try to be brief; But for those of us that care, but aren't exactly the most often frequenting the community here, how are the 1.8 update going? (Min'd I'm not going ot impatiently ask "when it is done?!!!?!" I just like to hear how things are progressing, since the thread have been silent for a long time now? Appreciate any word or info! =)
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