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  1. thats it, thx! and the lines of code below the "if(..." are actually marked as a comment, but idk why the "/*" symbols aren't there^^
  2. As i said before, its in Mod's Main-class, however here's the whole main-class http://pastebin.com/30MYzRXd
  3. yes i tested that in suvival, eg. jump of a tree and get hurt^^ Event didn't get catched...
  4. I just want to Register an LivingFallEvent, to prevent players Fall-Damage, but the @SubscribeEvent is not catched somehow.... (Console didn't print out "EVENT!" at any time...) According to this list: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/h777x7ugherqs0w/forgeevents.html it has to be registered on MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS , wich i've done Here: and i think i had this with an PlayerLoggedOutEvent too, a short time ago but haven't think about it because i did it another way... (running on Forge #1291)
  5. Well, i just tried it again; Gradle again download some files and compiles without any errors... haven't changed code or setup...
  6. well, i just want to build my mod, trying to build with "gradlew build" (in win7 cmd-line) gradle updates some files and stops compiling, saying: and i haven't change those classes for at least a week, and yes i know the "getBlock" and "setBlock" methods aren't supported in Forge for Minecraft 1.8 - i'm developing at Minecraft 1.7 (running from Intellij just works fine!) any suggestions? Edit: here is gradle output log, run with --info : http://pastebin.com/U4mWhZxZ
  7. Allright, i managed it to get quads drawn, but i've got a problem with the texture binding... Complete class: http://pastebin.com/ufrai5BY and heres the result: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lvufkd7qapt2cic/2015-01-11_22.15.00.png?dl=0 the first frame you are able to see the correct Texture, but than it draws the icons.png texture... i try to unbind(release) the texture, but then the item-Bar and everything gets white... i need to place the right texture back... ah and when i try to load the image every frame (which of course is little stupid because the VRAM reach its max very fast), the texture gets drawn right, but than the Air bubbels disappeare any suggestions? EDIT: Well nevermind, seems Forge don't let you play directly with GL Texturebinding, you have to use "mc.renderEngine.bindTexture(<Texture>);" so that means drawing fancy Text with Slick-Util (or using other OpenGL-Utils) isn't possible
  8. i don't understand this... you said i should initialize the gui-class inside itself?
  9. so, i wrote this class: Result is the same as the last pic i posted...
  10. Whats better, taking the first fired EntityJoinWorldEvent(player who joins a world for the first time) or the first RenderWorldEvent.Pre that'll occur?
  11. Ok, managed it: Result: (@11FPS) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56021465/2015-01-10_20.52.31.png Next Step(note the line: "font=new TrueTypeFont...") That happens: (@1300FPS (yes its that high!)) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56021465/2015-01-10_20.54.26.png PS: there is a potion Effekt, you can ignore the blue boxes up and left down
  12. ah, the first priority is to get it working, thats why i load all things inside the RenderEvent^^ i know, loading the font and stuff have to go outside the render... Well, but i think i missed that i can use the eventtype... Thx for it! so, now it looks like this: than it all works correct (but with weak performance) but if i move the line 'font = new TrueTypeFont(awtFont, true);' out of the render Funktion, it looks weird(kinda like blue Boxes); Is this because the EventType.Hotbar(renderer) scratched it up? is it possible to add a new EventType (or a event) wich is more suitable(I think about an event that extends RenderGameOverlayEvent)? or should i just use another eventType?
  13. Ups i write GuiDraw event instead of RenderGameOverlayEvent... sry, that doesnt work: GUI Code and this happens: (well can't upload an image direktly, so here's the link:) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56021465/Unbenannt.PNG you may recognize the big blue Text(thats what it should look like), but also the ugly experience/Hunger-bar... any suggestions? PS: why game is in Pause menu? can't manage to get back in, seems like 1 FPS per minute or so, so i take a screenshot...
  14. I wonder if its possible to code a complete new overlay, wich you can access with LWJGL code (for example drawing quads or drawing text with slick-Util) i tried it with a custom gui, but it seems not to like Open-GL directly (or Slik-Util) i managed it to get a string with Arial-Font drawn on screen(that's what slick-Util does), by extending gui and registering a RenderGameOverlayEvent(and put the slick-Util code in the funktion) But the Hotbar somehow disapears and Minecraft is about 1Frame each 15seconds... so question is: is it possible to get it to a HUD, or is it possible to get a new overlay?
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