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  1. Could someone made a mod for forge 1.10.2 that adds alcohol? Even if it's just moonshine I would greatly appreciate it
  2. I've tried restarting my computer, ive tried restarting my router, i've tried manually downloading the files. I cant get a forge server to work. It downloads some of the libraries and a vanilla server, but no forge server.
  3. yeah theres a few bugs i never managed to fix >.> theres that and theres the fact that my custom blocks dont burn. i havent gotten any emails yet
  4. you should leave a dummy dimension in there for me to play with since i was thinking of adding one! if thats ok lol. idk if you have texting or not but i can give you my cell phone number if you want
  5. when do you think youll be able to start? once you get your fluid figured out?
  6. if thats the only problem, then we're golden. im sure someone wil know. so anyways. are you up for this?
  7. the only custom structures are naturally spawning palm trees. what would need to be done with the custom model blocks?
  8. yes . i named it that bc i thought i would never finished it. but i did!
  9. https://www.mediafire.com/?q7hwa9zm0ib4ken works best with the forge version ending in 1264
  10. i do have a lot of stuff in the mod. it adds a lot of blocks (mostly decorative), foods, mini bosses, ore, armor sets, weapons, biomes, some easter eggs, foliage, a new villager, etc. I can give a feature list to who ever decides to do it. but its way long . I'm thinking of paying $20 USD
  11. Hello community. I've worked on my mod for a few years now and finished it in 1.7.10 a while ago. I got a lot of good hours out of it. But my friends want me to update it to 1.8. But I just picked up a second job so I dont think i'll have time to. I was wondering if I could pay someone here to update my mod ^^
  12. @Override protected String getLivingSound() { return "lecapria:bee_idle"; } This is the code I'm working with. Not playSoundAtEntity
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