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  1. Hi there! For the past couple of days I've been attempting to set up Forge-Gradle so that I can have a go at some modding, however whenever I run "gradlew setupDecompWorkspace" the download seems to 'get stuck' and ends up hanging indefinitely at various points; sometimes it manages to download several files, and at other times it'll only download a handful of kbs before giving up. C:\Users\Kelsey\Desktop\Mod Attempt>gradlew setupDecompWorkspace Download http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/org/eclipse/jdt/org.eclipse.jdt.c ore/3.10.0.v20131029-1755/org.eclipse.jdt.core-3.10.0.v20131029-1755.jar > Configuring > 0/1 projects > root project > 321 KB/4.63 MB downloaded I've followed several tutorials on how to set this up, and so far each one has brought me to this point. I've also gone through several forum and google pages looking for a solution, and just about everyone I've found discussing this issue has gone unanswered. I've also tried: - Running the command with firewall off - Leaving it to do its thing for extended periods of time (6+ hours and still stuck) - Downgrading to Java 7 and running the command - Deleting the .gradle folder and starting from scratch - Setting up a system-wide proxy and running (as suggested here http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=24935.0) - Contacted ISP If anyone has any ideas as to how to get past this issue (or even if there's a place where I can download the required files manually), I would be most grateful, and if there's anymore info that I need to share to fix this just let me know and I'll get it up as soon as possible. Thanks!
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