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  1. It looks like you made Directory HardLink that is referring to itsself. So the server tries to enter the Directory "root" that points to "root" so you are in "root.root" linking to "root.root.root" again linking to "root.root.root.root" and this goes on and on on. Please try to move the World-Folder into the Main Directory of your server (or try renaming it and changing its path in the server.properties), so it looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d98i4b8ahput6ji/Server-Folder-demonstration.jpg?dl=0 MC-Server\minecraft_server.jar MC-Server\server.log MC-Server\server.propert
  2. OK, I know that support isn#t offered for that old Version, but it looks like some mod on the server side needs another mod (Like NotEnoughItems needs the CodeChickenCore) The first Exception mentions this "missing mod". The second Exception means, that your client sends some data to the server, but the server doesn't know what to do with that data. Maybe the former mentioned missing mod would handle that data. greetings
  3. The Problematic Mod is: APIContainer It says it has to be loaded before CoFHCore! AND it says it has to be loaded after CoFHCore Forge can't determine if it should load APIContainer or CoFHCore first, so it breaks. Found this in line 3499 of the log-File [18:54:40] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML/]: APIContainer{CoFHAPI:1.0} : before: [EnderIO, CoFHCore], after: [CoFHCore]
  4. hi, Just in case you didn't notice: Risugamis ModLoader loads mods containing a special named file only. LiteLoader loads mods ending with .litemod Forge loads all Files ending with .zip/.jar/Folders that contain a special mcp file, declaring how to start them or just adds them to the class path! And searches the MinecraftVersion Folder for Mods (e.g. ".minecraft\Mods\1.7.2", ".minecraft\Mods\1.7.10") So its not needed to chenge the folder since the ModLoader notice if its a mod they can load. Also LiteLoader is Forge compatible AND Forge provides all features from Risugam
  5. I wondered if you could add a Progressbar when you start Minecraft. This Progressbar could be something simple that has a maximum equal to the number of Mods and a value containing the number of mods, that finished loading. I made a small example JPanel for that, which you can see here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/asup36qxf1yl7un/AACT48fC2qFoYIwagkumU-oea?dl=0 I would make a Pull request, but I haven't found where the Events from Startup are sent to the Mods. greetings PS: a Preview Image
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