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  1. Forge by default has native compatibility with HD textures.
  2. If you know how to use tick handlers you can add stuff to the HUD. It's really easy to do with tick handlers, just need to know how.
  3. You could also use escape characters, an example is below. \247~COLOURVALUE~
  4. Already tried and it didn't change anything, but I've fixed it now, turned out Techne wrote into the file to mirror textures like 4 times in a row.
  5. Hello, I have made blocks with custom models before so I do know how to do it, however when I tried to make one earlier when I tried to start the client Minecraft crashed and said that FML encountered a fatal error while launching. Now since I have access to the EE3 source code (as it's open source now (thanks Pahimar)) I did go through and check whether what I was doing was correct, and from what I can see everything should be working. From my testing, this seems to only happen when the tile entity has it's renderer bound to it. Thanks to whoever is looking, code is below. If you need anything else just ask! Proxy Classes - Tile Entity and TESR Registration Client: Common: Crash log:
  6. I have fixed it, it turns out the damageItem method has a built-in gamemode check to see whether the player s in creative or survival, I did not know this so I will now be locking the topic.
  7. Zedicus: Since I don't have that it should still be working in creative mode, but I have scrapped and restarted the mod so I'll check soon Quantum: That method is called twice so it must be getting called on the server aswell...
  8. Wait... I thought item damage being issued straight up wasn't affected by gamemode... and your suggestion made me laugh
  9. So I am developing a mod which requires an item with cooldown, I need to have the item be damaged by 99 when used (right clicked) but the onItemRightCick entityplayer variable I think is not letting the item be damaged. Code:
  10. Okay, I think I know the cause, something that you had said, but not quite... since I'm using a TileEntitySpecialRenderer it should be taken as if it is a TileEntityRenderer (someone correct me if I'm wrong), what I think is causing this is the fact that I'm not creating a RenderEngine instance. I will try now and post me results.
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