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  1. why is there a jarmods folder for me then... I use the ATLauncher if that changes anything
  2. I love this idea... It sounds great and I would love to add this to my modpack with my friends (if that is ok with you) it will be privately distributed to only friends --- I vote for a jump to 1.7.10
  3. Dear readers: ------------- I am writing this, in regards to wondering what the difference between the jarmods file and the mods file... I want to know what the difference is because i am creating a modpack for me and some friends and jarmods and mods are being weird and i just dont know when to put the mod into jarmods or mods ------------- EXAMPLE: Tinkers' Construct (1.7.10) Does not work in jarmods folder, but it works in the mods folder... but most of the other mods work in the jarmods folder... HELP ME PLEASE!!! NEED TO KNOW QUICK ------------ Sincerely ~ The Moosehunter1
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