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  1. srgpepper42. I don't see your error but, For mac; when you put forge in minecraft.jar, you shouldn't replace paulscode. You open it (paulscode in forge) , copy the files in there into the "paulscode in minecraf.jar" not directly to "minecraft.jar" initial_ZEN. -Force update (all mods in minecraft.jar will be deleted) -Install latest forge. Do the mac things right. Delete meta-inf as always...
  2. Hahaha. Swear me as you like. This thing is so crappy manual. I solved it, thanks to you. What i did wrong was I screwed up the tutorials i learned with every other mod on the market. I was doing everything right but the only thing i did wrong was when i zip the folder, i did it like; Serenity.zip/serenity.class But it should be like; Serenity.zip/serenity/common/serenity.class ( what i did on eclipse, according to the tutorials. All tutorials are that way but no mod i've ever seen like that. zip/mod_moddy.class i was considering) I was thinking before, what the heck. Why all this folders here, what kind of obfuscating system is that. I know it now, it was completely me. It was retarded. I knew that it was that much retarded at the first time. Thanks again Kirk Lazarus. Here:
  3. I came up with this yesterday. I've got some errors which LexManos underlined it and offered a solution like; So it became a modder issue for me and i moved here. What i saw is the classpath was already set in eclipse included with "Minecraft/common path" (Isn't it suppose to be so, Isn't it why i set my eclipse workspace there, i don't know.). But it didn't work for me. Because of me not good at java, I wonder if did i miss something, did i misunderstood LexManos? I'm really getting sick of this creeper. I'm getting error messages in my dreams, really. I woke up suddenly last night and found myself thinking about what should i do about this... Skeleton! Guys really, help me please.
  4. Thumbs up. It's really ridiculous by the way:) So, [solved] I guess.
  5. I mean for example, you installed A mod, then installed B mod... If those mods have same class files, B deletes A's files. Take a look at this. Could be more Mac-ish than me: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=832.0 What you say is not wrong for me, but they're talking about something different for mac. Read that topic.
  6. I'm not a pro, nor a mac user but your error log makes me deja vu. I've solved errors like this, like this; Force update, delete meta-inf. Before you put your mod files into jar, make sure that "they're not deleting each others' classes" You can combine'em in to a file before putting into jar. (Don't know your level but) when you put mods into the mods file, you don't unzip This is my best. I'm just saying... If you didn't try it yet, just try it now. Better than nothing.
  7. I can imagine that this is the real answer for my problem but... I'm sory, am not a java guru at this point. But i'm using Eclipse and.. As serenity(it is now).generic is in the minecraft / common path; and so, as far as i can see that path is a build path in my workspace.. I don't think i 'm not that qualified to do what you offer. So should i do that thing with mcp or harder on eclipse? I've been searching on the net about this for hours i can't find anything works for me with Eclipse or MCP setting classpath. I've got one thought, probably a retarded one... Should i do that updatenames.bat ?
  8. Oh, i meant there "Generic class in tutorial.generic package" sory. As i said before, nothing wrong with decompiling, compiling, obsfucating and running the client from mcp or eclipse. It's just crashes my game when i put my mod there. I reinstalled everything, included Eclipse for java ee developers' latest version. Nothing has changed.
  9. Okay... At first that was not my real intention... But I tried then with Minecraft 1.3.2, Mcp72, Forge I used wuppy29's most basic tutorial class, copy-pasted it... (only the package name is from forge's wiki) So here what i wrote: tutorial.generic.Generic.java And again, it worked with eclipse's run command perfectly ... When i copied the Generic.class file from reobf folder to a zip file in mods folder : ForgeModLoader-client-0.log: (updated) Neither mcp's recompile-reobfuscate nor forge's install commands gave no error for either 1.2.5 and 1.3.2 verisons. They worked flawless. Only this time (1.3.2) there was a lil' warning about server which mcp said was normal. Eclipse was content about what i did too... I have a bit of knowledge about python, i have created some mods for m&b. I'm "brand" new at java (only need it for minecraft modding) So, i did everything what i learned so far. But i stuck in the first place with Java edit:
  10. Sory for that. As i said i tried lots of different ways. "The something else" in the error is another tutorial which i only changed some names on it. Even for the simplest scripts i wrote, the game doesn't recognized my class files. (I set jre and jdk path variables properly also) The thing is, i can run the code on eclipse or mcp62's "start client" and my mod works. But when i copy'em to the game's related directories it crashes my game.. Also i tried it when "no mod" loaded but forge. Nothing changed.... I did everything what tutorials said. Now i tried it with original codes what i gave. Error log with original tutorial... Thanks for the care by the way...
  11. Sophistry: Brief: My script is cool-working with eclipse&mcp's run commands. But when i copy the classes to the game's "where they should be" directory, game crashes. I'm now using fully updated versions of minecraft, forge, mcp and eclipse. ( problem continues with 1.3.2) Compiling et cetera commands in mcp and forge source's file in mcp works smooth and correct. (I do these things right.) And eclipse gives no error... A tutorial code copied from wuppy29's blog pasted to Eclipse's mcp72/eclipse workspace, Minecraft / common / serenity.common package Serenity.java : An error report from minecraft 1.3.2 (only the latest forge and millionth serenity was there) created for frustrating my codding attempts (above, Serenity.java) An error log dedicated to a my-copy-paste mod: These scribbles are expired (1.2.5) "Another" tutorial i copied. Sory, this mod's related log is on my other post down there... Solved. It was so moronic as i guessed The Answer is on the modder's support page.
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