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  1. Here is the log I already know how to avoid this, but thought that I would report this to you so that you can fix it.
  2. I have noticed that in the developmental environment when youhave open an assts folder minecraft when launching stops at rendering global instances this is on forge version 1.7.10-
  3. I was wondering if there is any way to play as your user in the dev environment instead of one of the fake users generated by mcp.
  4. This might be because you are on a non modded server with mods so i recommend testing this on a server with your mod installed.
  5. Hi, i want to know if there is a way to test if a mod is installed and if so using there items in a recipe or something like that without requiring the mod no matter what Your help is appreciated thx in advance.
  6. Sorry for the confusion what i meant was the lang files from other mods dont work either they only display english no matter what language i have set. This might be a problem with forge to because it says the lang keys instead of what the lang keys are supposed to equal Ex. forge.newversion.name
  7. I can see them in IDE but the weird part is tht it doesnt work on others mods(ThermalFoundation) also or forge either.
  8. I put my lang files in my assets.modname.lang folder and i used spanish to test so i named it es_ES. What i meant was what do you recommend i use to translate my english lang file to other languages an example would be google translate
  9. I decided to make my mod support multiple languages and i named the lang files correctly but for some reason when i go into minecraft after i have changed to one of the supported language it still uses the english language. Also what do you recommend to translate my lang files.
  10. Ok so i got that but how would i add all of the damages from the items being crafted together and then apply that to what is being made.
  11. But i want to make it use all damage like when repairing tools
  12. I believe there is a tutorial on courses.vswe.se
  13. Hi, i am looking for a way to make my crafting recipe be able to use damaged itemsand maybe even make the recipe make a damaged item if a damaged item was used so how would i go about doing this. Thx in advance.
  14. Never mind I just re-created the java file through Techne and it fixed itself but thanks for trying to help.
  15. I am trying to render an item in 3D and I have the model class and renderer set up and it is registered with MinecraftForgeClient.registerItemRenderer() in my client proxy but whenever I go in game and look at it in Third Person nothing is there and the player is floating of the ground at weird angles and the blocks render below the player but the hit box is above the player. Here is my item renderer class Here is my model class And here is the part of the client proxy that registers the renderer
  16. By commands i mean the command block kind like /help.
  17. Sorry for making it unclear but what i meant was i want to implement this feature into my mod and i already have the commands and the config file but i dont know how to link them.
  18. I would like to know if there is a way to edit a config file via command and if so could someone explain to me how to do it.
  19. Ok so i did that but im trying to do this when you pock up a block and it says incompatible operand types item and block.
  20. Thank you but now i need to know how to make a file that will trigger an achievement when you pick up a specific item because ItemPickupEvent doesnt seem to have the same methods as IPickupNotifier.
  21. I was wondering what has become of IPickupNotifier in 1.7.10 has it been deleted or just moved and renamed?
  22. Twilight Forest has a biome id conflict so that may also be causing the problem
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