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  1. I had te delete ny intellij environment to get it to work.
  2. uhh i changed my build.gradle back to what i had before i changed it but it still isnt working for me https://github.com/mightydanp/IndustrialTech/blob/master/build.gradle
  3. Oh ok so this is a gradle problem for me. Alright isnt the way that i reference the gradle.properties folder the right way? I dont know much about gradle or if not what is the best way to do references from gradle.properties
  4. Oh i see it was a github issue it didnt relize i changed folder names from uppercase to lowercase. I did a push with it corrected so it shouldnt fail after replaceing the folders in src/main/resources/assets/industrialtech/textures/item/material_icons with tye new github push i just did https://github.com/mightydanp/IndustrialTech/tree/master/src/main/resources/assets/industrialtech/textures/item/material_icons
  5. i updated my github with my gradle also i dont know why it says cannot find texture for you. I also updated a few things on my new push. tell me what you get on the texture that is not found
  6. sorry I didn't see this un-tell now https://github.com/mightydanp/IndustrialTech/blob/master/src/main/java/mightydanp/industrialtech/api/common/handler/DataGenEventHandler.java
  7. update--- i fixed the code like so it hits the break points in GenItemModels now but it still is not generating anything
  8. I am having a problem. I ran my runData and i got this where it didnt run anything in my GatherDataEvent [05:07:01] [main/DEBUG] [ne.mi.re.GameData/REGISTRIES]: Applying holder lookups: minecraft:worldgen/foliage_placer_type [05:07:01] [main/DEBUG] [ne.mi.re.GameData/REGISTRIES]: Holder lookups applied: minecraft:worldgen/foliage_placer_type [05:07:01] [main/DEBUG] [ne.mi.re.GameData/REGISTRIES]: Applying holder lookups: minecraft:worldgen/structure_feature [05:07:01] [main/DEBUG] [ne.mi.re.GameData/REGISTRIES]: Holder lookups applied: minecraft:worldgen/structure_feature [05:07:01] [main/DEBUG] [ne.mi.re.GameData/REGISTRIES]: Applying holder lookups: minecraft:worldgen/surface_builder [05:07:01] [main/DEBUG] [ne.mi.re.GameData/REGISTRIES]: Holder lookups applied: minecraft:worldgen/surface_builder [05:07:01] [main/DEBUG] [ne.mi.re.GameData/REGISTRIES]: Applying holder lookups: minecraft:worldgen/tree_decorator_type [05:07:01] [main/DEBUG] [ne.mi.re.GameData/REGISTRIES]: Holder lookups applied: minecraft:worldgen/tree_decorator_type Process finished with exit code 0 I then put breakpoints and runData again. the break points stopped at one of the breakpoint in the GatherDataEvent since that caught a break point i put a breakpoint in GenItemModels. It caught the first breakpoint but after i pressed resume it didnt catch the other break points
  9. Hello I have a big question on how to do something. My question is that I have a item that has a gui. The gui has 3 slots. The item is a tool that you can change the items out. When you change out the items the items save data to nbt. such as mining speed, durability, enchants, color of the layer of that item. What would be the best way to implement this? Would I have problems setting the value of the tool after changing out the part? Would there be texture issues because changed the color of the tool? if so isn't there a way to refresh the items texture? For an example of a tool I have a axe. The axe has 3 parts. The axe head, wedge, and the handle. Say the tool has a wooden handle and a wooden wedge. The pickaxe head is stone. The pickaxe head sets the color and the mining speed of the tool. Each part has its own durability of its own and gets damaged over time. When I switch out the pickaxe head with a Bronze pickaxe head it changes the color of that items layer and the mining speed and saves those values into nbt to use for later on if needed. What is the best way to go about this and what will me problems be?
  10. also i not using data generators i just have them set up so i dont know why its not working
  11. ive just tried that still nothing drops https://pastebin.com/JAjCZsr3
  12. i am not getting anything back when I break it
  13. I have my gradle set up do register generated, I have my datagen set up for blockstates and models. i currently have generated\resources\assets\industrialtech\loot_tables\blocks,rock_block.json here is my json https://pastebin.com/xJF8gkFp here is my rockblock.java https://pastebin.com/sZuDfucc
  14. what is MyCustomCapabilities and MyCustomIItemHandlerProvider i am trying to recreate this instead of making a brand new player inventory aswell in screen.blint it is now missing MatrixStack i have no idea what that is
  15. i just figured that out. i got it to generate almost all files correctly it generates a \industrialtech\models\block\ore\andesite_ore.json aswell for some reason that i dont know. What part of my could do i chance to generate a model file for andesite_ore. Also is there not a way to get models/item instead of generating everyting there generate it in models/items/ore? atm i dont know how to classify where the resource location is for a block or item
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