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  1. Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1! Late as always Just note that I will not be here for the 2 weeks after this post.
  2. Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1! Late as always Just note that I will not be here for the 2 weeks after this post.
  3. Updated the mod and added your requested feature! It's a config option that is enabled by default. Changelog: 1.2-Release Internal restructure Fixes config options showing up as categories rather than being all in one category Adds third state, is green and signifies that a user is requesting to pause recording. Activated by holding the pause key for half a second or longer Adds config option to broadcast recording state updates through chat, only works on servers Adds a config option to make the overlay instantly hide when it is toggled
  4. Updated to 1.4.7! No other changes were made other than this.
  5. Optipanes Features Adds 16 different panes to the game. The panes connect diagonally to other blocks. The panes also connect to fences. Panes of different types don't mix. Available panes: Glass, Cobblestone; Oak, Spruce, Birch and Jungle wood planks; Bricks; Mossy Cobblestone; Obsidian; Snow; Clay; Normal, Mossy and Cracked Stone Bricks; Iron Bars; Nether Brick Crafting Glass Optipane (9 glass = 16 optipanes) Other Optipanes (1 block surrounded by 8 glass optipanes gives 8 optipanes of that type) Screenshots Config Options block: "optipane"
  6. I've gotten my workspace back and updated this mod to work with the new version of minecraft! As a bonus I managed to add a mcmod.info file to the zip!
  7. This mod is on hold for updating because my previous computer died, I will update as soon as my workspace is migrated to the new computer.
  8. Bumping because I'd like to know how to do this as well, I need to add data to chunks and let the client know about it. Is there a hook for when a whole chunk is sent to the client?
  9. Hello everybody, here's a mod that lets people show they are recording! This is great for multiplayer servers where multiple people do lets plays and/or livestreams and you want to let people know who's recording and whatnot. It also works in singleplayer! Why does it work in singleplayer? No idea! It just does! The "I'm Recording" Mod Features Shows players names in red with a red 'recording' dot when they register themselves as recording. Shows players names in blue with a blue 'paused' sign to signify a user has halted recording and is going to resume soon. Shows players
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