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  1. Hello Forge Community, I am currently working on a Mod that will expand on Metal working, Blacksmithing, and Secured Storage. I am a ways from having a completed mod as I am still learning the more complex things but I would like to have Modder Status. I am not ready to have a Sub forum at present as this is very much still a [WIP] Mod.
  2. I am still learning but with code which is working I have a couple of differences, not sure if these are just different ways to do the same as you have First I would try changing NetworkRegistry.instance().registerGuiHandler(this, new AeroModGuiHandler()); to NetworkRegistry.instance().registerGuiHandler(instance, new AeroModGuiHandler()); Other then that the only other difference I have is that I have my registerTileEntities(), getServerGuiElement(), and getClientGuiElement() in the CommonProxy and I am loading in this order NetworkRegistry.instance().
  3. Turns out I was so close to having the inventory slots working correctly. I was only missing 1 line from my mod base class. good old @NetworkMod Thanks to the thread here here I was able to check all the things I thought was wrong with my GUI class, TileEntity, and Container and stumbled across the mention of missing @NetworkMod Thanks all.
  4. Thank you Community, I finally have my inventory working correctly, I had looked everywhere about what was wrong with my container, tileentity and my GUI bit I couldn't find anything that related to/fixed my issue. It wasn't until I got to this thread when someone mentioned that @NetworkMod was missing from their base mod class. I added that and boom, all working. (I am sure I had that at some stage) Again I would like to say thanks and love this community and love Open source. (will publish my code to github when closer to public release.)
  5. Turns our mine is not exactly working correctly yet. I am still having some issues with being able to grab items and move them. Sometimes I can pick them up and some times they bound right back to the initial slot. It is like the game is going through a loop and binding the items each cycle, but if I can catch it at the right stage of the cycle I can grab and hold onto the item. is there anything I am missing. do you have your code available that I could have a look at if your Gui's slots are working correctly?
  6. have you looked here? Minecraft Forge Forums » Minecraft Forge » Releases http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/board,3.0.html
  7. Sorry I didn't think to put that up there, here is the Container code, http://pastebin.com/m0MhRmRm I have been trying to use EE3 and the forge tutorials as reference but can't seem to see what I am doing wrong EDIT - Looks like I missed a portion that I had added at one stage, but lost at one point with my revising code while trying to get other stuff working. if (slotItemStack.stackSize == itemStack.stackSize){ return null; } slot.onPickupFromSlot(player, slotItemStack); I still have some layout and formatting issues remaining but I think I can tweak
  8. I am trying to get my first GUI working correctly. :'( I have the GUI rendering, opening and have the container able to store the items when closed. I am able to shift click items into the GUI's Slots but when I try and pick up the items from the inventory slots or the hot bar in the GUI's they bounce back into the GUI how do I make it so that I can manipulate the slot positions and such like normal? It looks like the GUI has refresh issue that is constantly rebinding the Inventory contents therefore not letting me pull the items out so I can move or split stacks. any as
  9. I have been looking into how to cut back on the amount of ID's I am currently using with my mod. if I use a single block id and single item id for each block and item I need to have a lot of ID's I have, from experiences adding mods into a Minecraft server build, realised having to fit dozens of id's in among'st others so they don't clash sucks. I am looking for a tutorial or example of how to have the code laid out so I can have this work. I want to have all my machines use a single block id but depending on some variable know what kind of machine it is and what tile, texture, gu
  10. Minecraft Modding is about modding a game. When the base of that game dramatically changes and people who spend their own time developing their mod and the mod is release a few days after the official release then that is a bonus. Thank you Mojang for pre-release builds and thank you forge team for staying so current with the forge builds. makes our lives easier with development. But for those mods that take a while to update, unfortunately they are ones you just have to wait for. People have lives and some times extremely complex code they have to re-factor, It can take time.
  11. Yes thank you. I did find that the register was under the clientRegistry class. I also found that I had durp'd up. I had made so many attempts that were wrong in the past that I had created multiple simple mod files each time I tried a new approach. on the final attempt where I was sure I had all my renderer's, tileentities, blocks, and models etc, coded correctly, I had missed a single line that I simply hadn't added and had missed every time I re read through my code. proxy.renderModels() now everything is rendering fine and no more going crazy over what appeared to be cor
  12. I only just got my TESR to work myself. I made a simple durp mistake that I felt stupid about afterwards lol. can you please with post up your base class that has your @init and @postinit method as it looks like you have something your trying to pass that isn't being set, hence the null pointer exception. I am still new to this myself but I might be able to spot something you are missing.
  13. First of all yes I have used Google. that is what I said in my post and I have spent a lot of time watching, reading and trying to follow the tutorials I can find. the next issue is I need a TileEntitySpecialRenderer not a ISimpleBlockRenderingHandler. and there is no RenderingRegistry option that deals with tileentities only simple blocks and entities. also the only tutorials I can find with any decent explanations are for mod loader not forge and they don't seem to translate to forge and work either. if there are thousands of tutorials explaining how to do this that you have found cou
  14. I have just recently started learning how to Mod and the main thing I wish to be able to do is custom blocks/multi block structures and custom GUIs I have now been stuck for about a week and a half (maybe longer) while I trawl the internet trying to find definitive tutorials or fix's for the issues I am having. ( I believe I am almost correct except that my rendered block remains invisible when placed) Is there someone out there that can either help me or put together a definitive guide to... A. Which kind of renderer to use for each type of block being implemented. and B. H
  15. I am just wondering if you have found a resolution to this issue? I have now been working three days trying to get this working and I am also getting only a bounding box and nothing inside it rendering. I have been looking at open source code and I have been looking at out dated videos for mod loader as they are the only ones I can see. did you find the missing step that was making it invisible or did you find any good tutorials? thanks for any help you can provide
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