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  1. Hi, a late thanks for that. You are right, I should put a lot more info right here, though I'm saving that for when I have a bit more work done. In short, I didn't think anyone would be interested in this right now, but one can be too humble, I guess. ^^; Granted, this mod has been pushed quit back on my list of priorities now. =/ But I have all my plans laid down so I can get back to it later on.
  2. Oddly enough, I actually recognized the "Myrmeco-" radix there. And I was stunned. I love this mod already and want to somehow integrate it with my own bug mod in the future. There seems to not be much information on what exactly one can do with ants there, but it's ok. I gotta test this later.
  3. Here we have, folks! A new pre-demo release, still with grubs, burrows and cocoons, and now... potion brewing! Yup, some of those bugs can be made into potions. Pretty neat, hm? Download links on the main post, and here's a quick video demo: [flash=420,315]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbgqgAjJ_BU?hl=pt_BR&version=3 Sorry about the crappy and choppy video quality. =/ I asked people here for suggestions on screen recording software, but got none. If you have any, fire it away, it'd be very useful.
  4. If any modder who's been doing screen caps on the Mac can help me, I've decided to prepare some launch "trailers" for my own mod features, but turned out a bit choppy. It seems using Quicktime isn't the most wise option, or maybe I was doing something really wrong. Any suggestions of software that you use that I could try? Thanks in advance!
  5. YES, WE JAR! Molecraft 2's pre-demo release is pretty much a "here's something while you wait" release. It features almost nothing except the grubs themselves, which can be accessed in Creative mode or found in the world inside cocoons(on trees) and burrows(on soil). World Gen is a bit laggy, but I'm working on that. Also, the grubs have special properties to them. Some are poisonous, some give you night vision, some may burn you, but they're all delicious! Yum! Installation is pretty much standard mod installation: just thrown the JAR in your mods folder and have fun!
  6. I am doing loops, but trying to reduce them. I already get some hiccups when generating new chunks as it is, I'd like my code to be minimally leaner. Besides, I can use getHeightValue, I just need to check a few blocks down in these cases. I wanted to clarify because the documentation is vague and the code isn't much better either(it just takes this value from an array, but doesn't explain where this array is filled).
  7. Yea... actually no. I'm using that function to try and find trees for my worldGen. My problem, though, is not that the gen is made too early but: a) This function returns the y value of the block just above the top most for given X and Z(i.e., it's an air block) and b) It does not make any distinction between solid blocks or not. I got both water and leaves on the position just below that value. Thanks for the prompt reply, guys, but you might be thinking of a different version of the code(I'm working with 1.5.2).
  8. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the burrowing mammal minecraft mod is back! Molecraft 2 is being remade with a clear divison of its 3 phases: bugs, dirt and runes. The Bug Farm submod is already in progress, and you can keep an eye on the developments in my gamedev blog or my album on imgur dedicated to showcasing my mod development! ...or you can just keep an eye here as I start setting up my mod releases... for the second time. Anyway, for now here are some screenshots! Releases - Pre-Demo Release 0.05a (Direct) - Pre-Demo Release 0.05b (Direct)
  9. So, this is one of those things I could find out with extensive testing, but it'll be hours until I get home and I'm also hoping somone else will be benefitted by this post. Simple question, then: world.getHeightValue(x,z) will return what Y value, by definition? And more specifically, if I use this function in an area where there's a tree, will it get me the height of the leaves or the height of the ground under it?
  10. Iiiiit's preview time again! This time... grubs! I'm missing a texture there, it's not supposed to be ready yet. But all the other grubs will be in the first release
  11. For anyone still wondering what's up with this... well, it's going through a revival phase. Developing this was becoming too unfocused and all over the place and then I found out I had no idea what I was going to do next. So Molecraft 2 is coming out in three modules: bugs, dirt and runes. Bugs will be all about bugs, dirt will be about digging and processing dirt into pretty much anything(veering into alchemy territory, really ) and runes will be about sparkling the land with magical runestones that do all sorts of things from summoning cows to creating the perfect battlefield to mow down some mobs. And I'll start a new topic for that. Meanwhile, here's a video [flash=640,480]
  12. What a very pleasant surprise, I'll be trying this today! And multiplayer, too. I have a server set up to play with my cousin, and since Thaum isn't working very well in SMP, we'll use this one instead!
  13. Molecraft 0.7 is in da house, aw yea! Still haven't done the preview movie or updated the Getting Started doc, but not much changed, except we have some weird black stones around -- they'll be awesomer later --, a new type of bug that lives in the water and seedstone have changed a whole lot. Also, you can put chests near your terrarium to produce stuff in them instead of seeing all the silk flying around the place. Get it in the same place as usual right there in the wiki and have fun!
  14. I think I have an idea about that, but I also realize maybe I should just use multiple one-use items instead of one item with damage. Thanks anyway.
  15. Ok, so as far as I understand, we can use item damage to set up sub items with the same item id. That is why we use "setMaxDamage(0)". But is it possible to create sub items that still have a damage component?
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