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  1. I solved the problem. I tried to run gradlew out of folder which is synchronized and now it works. But thanks for helping.
  2. Yea. This is written in the tutorial. Except: gradlew genIntellijRuns is gradlew gIR but i think this command doing the same.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm newbie with Forge modding, so I started with reading tutorials how to add Forge to IntelliJ Idea. I found this tutorial: http://www.orangetutorial.com/setting-up-intellij-idea. I did everything what is written. I'm used recommended version for 1.7.10 (because this version is on my server too). Everything seems be ok, but when I want to compile it and run Minecraft Client I got this error: Information:Using javac 1.7.0_80 to compile java sources Information:java: Errors occurred while compiling module 'MyMod' Information:07.08.2015 0:55 - Compilation completed with 8 errors and 0 warnings in 2s 509ms D:\Copy\MyMod\src\main\java\com\example\examplemod\ExampleMod.java Error:Error:line (3)java: package net.minecraft.init does not exist Error:Error:line (4)java: package cpw.mods.fml.common does not exist Error:Error:line (5)java: package cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod does not exist Error:Error:line (6)java: package cpw.mods.fml.common.event does not exist Error:Error:line (8)java: cannot find symbol symbol: class Mod Error:Error:line (15)java: cannot find symbol symbol: class FMLInitializationEvent location: class com.example.examplemod.ExampleMod Error:Error:line (14)java: cannot find symbol symbol: class EventHandler location: class com.example.examplemod.ExampleMod Error:Error:line (18)java: package Blocks does not exist I don't know why this isn't working, because when I was (about a week ago) on Windows 8.1, this tutorial works. Thanks for helping.
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