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  1. ...wondering why people arent reading all that i wrote... no, of course its not hard to go through the class and check for instances...thats exactly what i did, except through SEVERAL classes including ModLoader, GameRegistry and FurnaceRecipes ""Cannot make a static reference to the non-static method ""....apparently my reference was static although i dont know how/why. it was just in the init method along with regular recipes, etc.
  2. HOOOWWWW bout you go and look at where that leads to before commenting. There is no "addSmelting(int, int, ItemStack)" in net.minecraft.src.ModLoader. Only "addSmelting(int, ItemStack, Float)" and one without the float (for xp). And if you look at what is under those methods, it says "GameRegistry.addSmelting(input, output, experience);" and if you look at whats in THAT class, it leads to the one i mentioned.....and so, please look into this better next time
  3. You just add the textures to the final zip after you have recompiled it for release. Another option if you REALLY want to if to add a texture pack including the textures in the correct folders It should work just having it in its own package but if you REALLY want to (not recommended), you can have it in "net.minecraft.src" package. just make sure that the line at the top of the class says the correct package that its in. Getting the zip file?? Yup, recompile all the class files in the "reobj" folder making sure the file structure is correct (ie. common SHOULDNT be at the top of the zip folder structure, it should start one below that)
  4. Ihavent found a way to add a smelting recipe that uses metadata for the INPUT except this: FurnaceRecipes.addSmelting(Int input-id, Int input-meta, ItemStack output); problem with that for me is:| Cannot make a static reference to the non-static method addSmelting(int, int, ItemStack) from the type FurnaceRecipes Anywhere i put the statement, it returns that. Using forge version:
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