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  1. My username has both a space and an apostrophe in it; I'm not sure which is causing trouble for Gradle but it's probably missing either an escape or is not being quoted somewhere: For username: ThisIsMy N'ame :javadocjavadoc: error - Illegal package name: "ame\\.gradle\\wrapper\\dists\\gradle-2.7-bin\\4s0fcuuppw3tjb1sxpzh16mne\\gradle-2.7\\lib\\gradle-core-2.7.jar;C:\\Users\\ThisIsMy" javadoc: error - Illegal package name: "ame\.gradle\wrapper\dists\gradle-2.7-bin\4s0fcuuppw3tjb1sxpzh16mne\gradle-2.7\lib\groovy-all-2.3.10.jar;C:\Users\ThisIsMy D" javadoc: error - Illegal package name: "ame\\.gradle\\wrapper\\dists\\gradle-2.7-bin\\4s0fcuuppw3tjb1sxpzh16mne\\gradle-2.7\\lib\\asm-all-5.0.3.jar;C:\\Users\\ThisIsMy" javadoc: error - Illegal package name: "ame\.gradle\wrapper\dists\gradle-2.7-bin\4s0fcuuppw3tjb1sxpzh16mne\gradle-2.7\lib\ant-1.9.3.jar;C:\Users\ThisIsMy D" javadoc: error - Illegal package name: "ame\\.gradle\\wrapper\\dists\\gradle-2.7-bin\\4s0fcuuppw3tjb1sxpzh16mne\\gradle-2.7\\lib\\commons-collections-3.2.1.jar;C:\\Users\\ThisIsMy" ..
  2. I can see that you have a your strong affinity for Gradle but I already have a build system which is well integrated with my development environment and deployment tools. I would appreciate it if you would explain the procedure for reobfuscation as it would save me a lot of trouble.
  3. Yes, I see that now. I can add this as a post-compile task if you would explain the procedure. Thanks.
  4. I've been building everything with Make for years. I'm sure Gradle has nice things but I have yet to see anything offered by other build automation tools that can't be done in Make-- so I continue to use Make. It only took a few minutes to convert what was provided in the mdk. I just wasn't sure if I needed these classes or not.
  5. Examining the following path in .classpath generated by the mdk for Eclipse: .gradle/caches/minecraft/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.8- Contains the following: GradleStart.class GradleStartServer.class net/minecraftforge/gradle/GradleForgeHacks$AccessTransformerTransformer.class net/minecraftforge/gradle/GradleForgeHacks.class net/minecraftforge/gradle/GradleStartCommon.class net/minecraftforge/gradle/tweakers/AccessTransformerTweaker.class net/minecraftforge/gradle/tweakers/CoremodTweaker.class For the short question: if we don't build with Gradle, do we need this dependency? Also, what is it?
  6. I've been a long-time Bukkit developer and would like to now get into Forge mods for both server and client. Pushing an updated Bukkit plugin is as easy as an scp and reload which can all be done from a script; changes in code are visible on the server in seconds. One of the first things I noticed about the Forge client is that it takes a long time to load. Is there a built-in mechanism for reloading a plugin after modification without having to restart the client (client-side mod) or the server (server-side mod). Thanks.
  7. This is an issue (not a bug) with Forge not handling the ip_forward events, which is why I believe this question is best suited here. There is nothing wrong with BungeeCord as this is a Bungee/Spigot feature.
  8. My server has primarily been Bukkit/Spigot with a hub and connected servers through BungeeCord but several of my players have expressed an interest in Forge mods. Forge is supported on BungeeCord but from what I can tell it only works if ip_forward is disabled. I want ip_forward enabled so that IPs can be banned and UUIDs are forwarded. Is there a mod which allows Forge to work on BungeeCord with ip_forward enabled? Thanks.
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