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  1. Ah, I had 3 versions of java installed instead of the two I'm suppose to have - I had 2 versions of the 64 bit, and 1 of the 32, I just deleted the older of the two 64x versions, and minecraft magically stopped crashing... (I think windows come prepackaged with java now, I installed the ones from the website, was a result of me switching computers) Thanks for your help Lexmanos Read/Respond if you have time: Thanks for all your help again! Hypertext wasn't working:
  2. Using forge 1030 with a few other mods, I am just curious as to what is actualyl happening.. usually happens after 30 minutes to an hour after playing... is this a memory leak somewhere...? I Can't read this... Crash Report:
  3. Its nice to finally have a website for forge . A place to download them in one place. The thing that's not nice is that you have to fill out verification every time you want to post. Not to mention that after you post instead of reloading the forum you were on it goes back to the main menu.. forcing you to push the back button twice. Over time I sure it will get better. Its nice that forge has a place to call home, a place for forge related documentation and assistance can be found, etc.
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