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  1. Hello, I usually make mods in 1.8 but now I have to do it in 1.7.10 because my server is on 1.7.10, but the API is so confusing, I can't understand anything - whether the important methods are all obfuscated or I don't simply understand that. I would just like to know how I can programatically break a block in the world and drop it. I cannot find the method for it. Kenta1561
  2. Hello, I just read the Forge docs about proxies but it is too simple and general for me to understand. What I understood so far is: Proxies can be used to tell Minecraft which code should be executed on the server or the client. Besides that, I know that for instance texture rendering must be done on the ClientProxy side as otherwise it would crash the server. But here are my questions: What are examples of processes that should be only done on the server side but not on the client side? When I look at the source code of some famous mod projects I see that the ClientProxy class inherits from a super class, which is the Proxy class. But then they define this super class also as the server side proxy: Does this mean that all the things that happens on the server side should also happen on the client side as it is inherited? Why is the server side proxy then even required? These might be really stupid questions but I am relatively new to Forge and I would be really glad if someone could explain this to me. Kenta1561
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