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  1. I'm new to forge and gradle. I am not sure how to approach this solution because I don't know how to do anything "from" Gradle. Is there a particular file I should open up and edit from the forge source files?
  2. I have one more idea. Perhaps you might be able to interpret these two lines for me? These are the first two "warning" lines that I can find, or at least the first ones that have any mention of something going wrong. [ant:javac] warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.6 [ant:javac] /Users/isaacrule/Desktop/forge/forge_1.8_source/build/tmp/recompileMc/sources/net/minecraftforge/client/model/obj/OBJModel.java:617: error: cannot find symbol It mentions a path not being set, and then provides a file path and says it can't find a symbol. When I was looking at various tutorials for setting this up on Windows, there was a Java PATH variable step that I couldn't figure out how to translate over to OSX terms. Perhaps me skipping this step is the problem?
  3. The resolution in that thread was to delete vecmath.jar in System > Library > Extensions, but I can't find such a file. I do have hidden files visible, so I'm pretty sure it's not hiding out somewhere in the folder. Is there any other solution you might know of?
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