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  1. May or may not have forgotten to surround the entire mcmod.info file's text in square brackets. Fixed.
  2. It may be worth trying to get in touch with mistaqur, he's incredibly well-versed in NEI and is the developer of NEIPlugins, a definitely worthwhile mod.
  3. It's just going straight into the mods folder, through MultiMC's Edit Mods function.
  4. I'm working on a new modding project, and for some reason my mcmod file is non-functional. My encompassing class is CMI, so the zipfile for my mod contains the reobf'd CMI folder and the mcmod.info file described below. This is showing no information within the MultiMC tab, and the in-game mod list is telling me to provide a mcmod.info file. { "modinfoversion": 2, "modlist": [{ "modid": "AECMI", "name": "AEther's CMI", "description": "Integration between some of the biggest and coolest mods out there!", "version": "0.0.1", "mcversion": "1.4.6/7", "url": "http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1664069-wip-aethers-cmi-cross-mod-integration/", "authors": [ "AEtherchild", ], "requiredMods": [ "Forge" ], }] } The mcmod.info file was made in Notepad, ANSI encoded, if that makes a difference at all. I don't have an option to save-as in JSON so that was the next best choice. I've also set mod metadata within my CMI class itself, I have NO idea whether this is supposed to help or not. @PreInit public void load(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) { event.getModMetadata().modId = "AECMI"; event.getModMetadata().version = "0.0.1"; event.getModMetadata().name = "AEther's CMI"; event.getModMetadata().description = "Integration between some of the biggest mods out there!"; event.getModMetadata().authorList.add("AEtherchild"); event.getModMetadata().url = "http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1664069-wip-aethers-cmi-cross-mod-integration/"; } Question is. What am I doing wrong? Also while I'm here, I attempted to have the mcmod.info file within my CMI package in Eclipse, yet it got skipped over in obfuscation. Presumably I'm doing something wrong here too.
  5. After you install Forge, go to your MCP/src/Minecraft/ folder. Post the unzipped API in there. It's instantly accessible and usable within Eclipse or whichever other editor you use. For Thaumcraft's API specifically (and GregTech's), there will be various errors within the API files themselves as you open Eclipse. Find any errored lines within the affected classes, and literally delete the lines/methods until there's no more errors. The API files themselves won't be included in your mod, so provided the methods themselves aren't deleted from the API, you should get no reobf errors and it should function correctly in-game. Note that the APIs will be dumped into your reobf folder. Ignore them completely. This is because the updatemd5 script is being skipped because, meh, it's effort to make it work if you use any API outside of Forestry's.
  6. Howdy I'm attempting to create a Tool that, when it destroys a Block, has a random chance of turning itself into a different Item with the same damage value. Here's the command within the ItemSharpAxe class I've tried various different setups that I was thinking would swap the currently in-use ItemSharpTool for its respective Vanilla tool, but to no avail. I'm not ACTUALLY convinced that it's necessary to be within an onBlockDestroyedBy command. Any help with this?
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