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  1. Im trying to create a block where you put in an item and the block reads the nbt on that item and puts different items in other slots, and when those other items are places in the slots it updates the nbt of the original item? I have a tile entity designed but when I put the item in the game crashes due to ticking block. I want to start fresh but dont know how to succeed without being in the same boat.
  2. Yes I do program my own mod. I was wondering if you could help with the problem I asked
  3. So with that how would I access everything in the TileEntity class? Also would that fix the crash?
  4. The code above im planning on moving it into another class so each upgrade can be modular. This is the code of the tile entity: public class DataEncoderTileEntity extends LockableLootTileEntity implements ITickableTileEntity, INamedContainerProvider{ public static final int SLOTS = 13; private static final DataEncoderTileEntity INSTANCE = new DataEncoderTileEntity(); public NonNullList<ItemStack> inventory; public boolean EditMode = false; CompoundNBT nbtTagCompound; public DataEncoderTileEntity() { super(MITileEntities.DATAENCODER_TILEENTITY); this.invento
  5. I have a block that checks the nbt of an item in it to display upgrades, when the item is in the slot the game crashes. How would I go about to not tick the block entity so the game doesn't crash? public static class Fireproof { static int index; static Boolean EditMode; public static Boolean editThis; static ItemStack item; static CompoundNBT nbtTagCompound; static NonNullList<ItemStack> inventory; public static Item upgrade = MIItems.upgrade_card_fireproof; public static String name = "Fireproof"; public static void init() { inventory = DataEnc
  6. Thank you!! This worked, one more question. Is there anyway to carry over NBT data with a crafting recipe? I have different tiers of Air Tanks and when crafting a lower one to get a higher one I want the air to carry over. I don't know if that is even possible??
  7. Problem #9 says to make a tile entity. My understanding of a tile entity is a block not an item. So how would I make that just an item? I don't know if i'm understanding this correctly.
  8. What do you mean I can't do this? Like I can't store tankAir to not?
  9. I am trying to add NBT to my item, I want it to store the int tankAir but I can't figure it out.. How would I go about adding this to the item. package ronaldi2001.moreitems.Items; import java.util.List; import javax.annotation.Nullable; import net.minecraft.client.util.ITooltipFlag; import net.minecraft.entity.Entity; import net.minecraft.item.Item; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraft.util.text.ITextComponent; import net.minecraft.util.text.TextFormatting; import net.minecraft.util.text.TranslationTextComponent; import net.minecraft.world.World; import rona
  10. I am trying to port my 1.14 mod to 1.15 but when I start minecraft I get an error message, is it something im doing wrong with JEI or is it JEI not working properly? [24Mar2020 15:12:20.087] [modloading-worker-5/ERROR] [net.minecraftforge.fml.javafmlmod.FMLModContainer/]: Exception caught during firing event: net/minecraftforge/fml/client/event/ConfigChangedEvent$OnConfigChangedEvent Index: 1 Listeners: 0: NORMAL 1: net.minecraftforge.eventbus.EventBus$$Lambda$2075/36315889@399dc37 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraftforge/fml/client/event/ConfigChangedEvent$OnConfigC
  11. So is there anyway to replace it in code instead of using json files?
  12. moreitems is my mod id, I placed my new recipes under that and the recipes im trying to remove/replace is under minecraft.
  13. I have done this with golden and iron armor but it still shows the recipes that forge has added to work with the ingots tag in data/minecraft/recipes. How would you replace this because following what you said and it adds my new recipe that I placed in data/moreitems/recipes and keeps the old recipe that im trying to remove.
  14. I am also having this issue.. What have you done to fix this?
  15. I am trying to replace the armor recipes with my own, I places my recipes in data/minecraft/recipes and the leather armor recipe got replaced but not iron, golden, and diamond. Is there another way to replace a recipe because this currently isn't working. I also tried placing a recipe that creates air in the data/minecraft/recipes with the same file name as the item im trying to replace then putting my custom recipe in data/moreitems/recipes, but that didn't work either.
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