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  1. The mod that i removed some items from is called creraces
  2. bruh welp idk i have looked over the log but i can't find anything so if anyone could atlest look at it it would be really helpful!
  3. After removing some items from a mod my server won't boot again lol i've tried /fml confirm already... https://pastebin.com/4XTMKbeq
  4. Hey i have a problem where suddenly my fps dropps to 2-3 for a few secounds and then up again rince and repeat it's starting to get a bit irretating but i would send a log or video but since i only get an error message saying "-200" i can't, but i'll still make a pastebin: "nvm too much text in the log couldn't" but i can't still send a video... Edit: I managed to upload one log idont know how but i did! latest.log
  5. i don't know im too lost ngl welp i guess i gota learn a bit more before starting with all of this. Ediit: Sorry for wasting your time
  6. i still do not fully understand but is "com.sk89q.worldedit" the correct api for worldeedit?
  7. i can't seem to find it in the new donloaded aswell does it have a nother name or something?
  8. mine has no comments i guess i'll download a new MDK and check
  9. sorry to ask but could you explain how i do that or link a website?
  10. I need to use worldedit in my dev workspace to make structures and well my work sapce in Non-obfuscated.
  11. Hey anyone know where, how or if i can find a non-obfuscated version of worldedit? Edit: For 1.14.4!
  12. Found the problem (not really but a solution) have a friend or an alt tp you as soon as you log in and problem solved if it crashes again just start up and repeat!
  13. Server crashes randomly heres my error log: https://pastebin.com/Mh26q4rp crash-2020-03-20_23.07.51-server.txt
  14. Yes indeed but we both have the same modlist bot it works just for me but not for him but i'll try updating the modpack i'll report back after
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