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  1. I had the exact same problem with my project where runData worked last I ran it 1-2 months ago and now stopped working with similar messages. Tracked it down to bug in how arguments are grabbed for run configs in ForgeGradle and there's apparently a fix for it that's already approved as well https://github.com/MinecraftForge/ForgeGradle/pull/657.
  2. Definitely check out these - https://wiki.mcjty.eu/modding/index.php/Main_Page McJty is doing a great job explaining plenty of topics there and has links to other sites as well.
  3. FYI, this was resolved in https://github.com/MinecraftForge/ForgeGradle/issues/451. Just do gradlew cleanCache setupDecompWorkspace --refresh-dependencies and you should be good.
  4. So I just came over here to ask about exact same issue that I am suddenly getting with a project that I am pretty sure I didn't get last time I updated to 1.12. For your reference the build file that I am using https://github.com/P3pp3rF1y/Reliquary/blob/1.12.x/build.gradle I suspect this issue may have something to do with a recent update to FG?
  5. So I finally got to plugin this in and have to say it's not as easy as it may seem. First of all removeListener for some reason is client side only method, which is just annoying and was fairly easy to solve with reflection (just removing from listeners collection directly). However the listener part is way worse. I am going through all the stacks when inventory opens and then checking for just updates which is all good until a player clicks on anything that has capabilities. When that happens CPacketClickWindow is triggered which then triggers EntityPlayerMP.updateCraftingInventor
  6. So this solution sounds fairly good. One thing I don't like about it is the fact I will need to listen to all the itemstack changes passing through just in case my item shows up, but I guess that will just have to do.
  7. The only way I can think of when it comes to dealing with this is using regular NBT and store the data to be displayed on client in there as well. But that means that I would end up with the exact same data stored in two different places at least in case of this item. Sounds to me like another reason for itemstack caps to be synced with the stack data (or at least part of the cap data marked to be synced to client)
  8. The code for one of them is here https://github.com/P3pp3rF1y/Reliquary/blob/1.10.2/src/main/java/xreliquary/items/ItemVoidTear.java But the problem here is that the data isn't stored in nbt which gets synced, but in capNBT which as you know doesn't get synced to client and thus needs to be synced through special packets. In the code above you can see the packets being triggered, but that only is the case when the item is in player's inventory. As soon as it is in a container this code does nothing which means on dedicated server there's no information on client on the actual capabil
  9. I am trying to figure out if there's a way to get ItemHandler capability sync to client when the itemstack it's attached to is in a non player inventory. Basically this breaks for me showing tooltips for ItemHandlers as I can send sync packets when these are in players inventory, but can't seem to find a way to know that player is looking at a inventory and sync the data in that case. Any thoughts on how I could go about that? Look for solution in the first reply from Leviathan143.
  10. Vazkii does fairly simple stuff. GlStateManager.pushMatrix(); GlStateManager.enableBlend(); GlStateManager.blendFunc(GL11.GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL11.GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA); GlStateManager.color(1F, 1F, 1F, alpha); mc.renderEngine.bindTexture(autojumpEnabled ? AUTOJUMP_ON : AUTOJUMP_OFF); Gui.drawModalRectWithCustomSizedTexture(x, y, 0, 0, 32, 32, 32, 32); GlStateManager.popMatrix(); I have tried this combination with the exception of replacing Gui.drawModalRectWithCustomSizedTexture with RenderItem.renderItem as I can't simply draw a texture because the item has tint indexes t
  11. I am looking for an example of code that renders item into hud and uses alpha channel to how much transparent it is. Ultimately want to add a bit of code that fades the item out of HUD after a bit of time. When I just need to render item into GUI I use RenderItem.renderItemIntoGUI, but that internally renders it with alpha set to 1f so I will need to get part of its code to render my item semi transparently. However in trying this out I wasn't able to figure out what exactly. I made sure that enableBlend is called, passed value of less than 1f to alpha parameter of color method and mes
  12. This is how I do it in Reliquary. https://github.com/P3pp3rF1y/Reliquary/blob/1.10.2/src/main/java/xreliquary/handler/CommonEventHandler.java#L497 It is a spin off from logic found in bloodmagic. The gist is track the players that you have given flight to in a list and when you figure out that they should no longer have flight mark them as such in your list and remove the flight from them just in that tick. The next tick when you check the list they are already marked as players without flight and thus you're not removing flight from them and other mods can happily use their flig
  13. I am trying to test out forge modifications in my mod. I made the changes, ran genPatches and uploadArchives and now have the built files in /repo folder. So now I thought I would just update my mod's build file to give it a local repo that would override where it pulls forge from, but that apparently isn't working for me. Keeps complaining about not finding the forge files. I am kind of ok with gradle, but nowhere near understanding details like these so I am very likely doing something dumb here. Is it even possible to repoint to the local repo like this? Or what do people
  14. So I have figured out what's going on here. Basically it relates to packets and a recent forge change. When I start using the flight stuff capabilities get modified and because there was a change to forge which made capabilities part of ItemStack.areItemStackTagsEqual comparison it figures out that stacks are different. https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/commit/9df1e4b11e0d2d0fbf938cedae2da130d40cca89 Which then triggers SPacketSetSlot to be sent to client, which would be ok if this actually included capabilities. However that is not the case and it only syncs stackTag
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