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  1. No reason for asking. Just curious why 1.13.2 version.json is so different.
  2. I've noticed that the version.json for 1.13 is "\forge-1.13.2-###-installer\version.json" instead of "\forge-1.12.2-###-installer\forge-1.12.2-###-universal\version.json" Is there a reason for this? Is it temporary? Is it going to apply to earlier MC versions soon?
  3. I don't think anything happened when I double clicked it. What do I do with it?
  4. Here's an idea. How about someone on the Forge team develops a way so only Patron donors can access a .json for whatever they need? Maybe make the "index_mc.json" require a --ForgeUsername and --ForgePassword, assuming the patrons let you know. Using Forge forums credentials because that be what you have rights to know. And for when a name leaves the Patron list, have a thing that auto removes the corresponding ForgeUsername from the "allowed access" list. It not like people would share their passwords anyway.
  5. I know that, and I'm giving my own money over Patreon. I'm just lazy and want to fix my automation.
  6. To fetch the file name, because file names before 1.8 were different. Can't direct download unless I know the exact file name.
  7. 24.0.84 ran at least until the title screen on multiple launches for me, but I didn't check further than that.
  8. I will once I could try it with a fresh directory, in case it was due to something I've done previously.
  9. For me, "1.13-forge-24.0.76-1.13-pre" only ran once. Installed, launched it and went to the title screen, closed it, launched it again, screen saying something about "Expected the boolean value false."
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