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  1. In all fairness Forge doesn't have tutorials on EVERYTHING. If you want to add enchanting to your mod, this is what I do and it works well: Search the documentation. It may take awhile but eventually your will get to know forge better
  2. 1) Learn Java 2) In your Block.java create a function public int idDropped(int par1, Random par2Random, int par3) { return YourMainClass.YourItem.shiftedIndex }
  3. Not be rude, by I really think that If you don't have at least a decent understanding in java you shouldn't be doing forge modding. The reason: case 0: if(par1ItemStack.getItem() instanceof Item.blazeRod) does not work is because instanceof is used to check if an Item is of the class type. Item.blazeRod isn't a class type but rather an instance of a class. To get it to work I would do case 0: if(par1ItemStack.getItem().shiftedIndex == Item.blazeRod.shiftedIndex){ //code in here }
  4. Which function exactly would I use to register that a block could be affected by and ItemShovel?? Thanks for your help
  5. Could anyone tell me the difference between a ZIP mod and JAR mod? Thanks KingAtomx
  6. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could help me with 3 forge issues/problem I am facing. - If I had a block, kinda like dirt so that shovels would speed up the block destruction, how would I go about doing this? I have looked in ItemSpade and the array 'blocksEffectiveAgainst' is final. Without editing the base class I see no way of adding my own block to this array without creating a subclass of ItemSpade and creating my own item. If anyone could point me to some Forge method I need to use or other advice that would be great. - Another problem I am having is with my mcmod.info file. After recompiling and reobfuscating my code and zipping it with my textures (which all work fine) I add my correctly formatted, as far as I'm aware, mcmod.info file to the zip. However whenever I install my mod it comes up with the message "No mcmod.info file found, ask your mod maker to add one....". - Finally just something that would really help, I am getting my blocks texture off it's meta data. However whenever the blocks metadata changes, the texture doesn't until I either reload the chunks or Save and Quit. Any help with this would also be appreciated. Thanks again to anyone who can help me with any of these issues. King Atomx
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