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  1. Post logs, they might show what is going on
  2. https://adoptopenjdk.net/?variant=openjdk8&jvmVariant=hotspot You might also want to uninstall the 32-bit JRE you have
  3. You're running out of memory. You have a 32-bit Java by the looks of it, if you have a 64 bit system, get 64 bit Java. If you for some reason are actually running a 32 bit system, I'm not sure there is anything you can do besides upgrade, since 32 bit systems only support ~3GB max ram.
  4. Currently Forge supports Java 8-15. There is nothing stopping you from having multiple JDK versions installed, as long as you are always referencing the proper version for the task. This will likely involve either specifying the full path to the java you wish to use and/or modifying your systems path environment variable. https://www.google.com/search?q=multiple+jdks+on+windows
  5. Install a fresh server of the same version in another folder, run it, then stop it. If it exits cleanly, it is most likely one of your mods or something causing it. Perhaps use the freshly installed test server, add mods 1-2 at a time, and run/stop it in between, to see if you can narrow it down to the mod causing the hangup *edit: also, looks like maybe your log got cut off? Also see a crapton of errors from crafttweaker, I'd probably get rid of that one or update it or something
  6. https://forums.minecraftforge.net/topic/92100-1163-ore-generation/ https://forums.minecraftforge.net/topic/99819-1165-ore-generation-not-working/?tab=comments#comment-450530 Just a quick search of the forums for ore generation
  7. Also just so you know, dimensions from 1.15 to 1.16 were completely changed, so following a 1.15 tutorial in a 1.16 workspace will just give you errors.
  8. Try using a Java version 8 - 15; I do not believe Java 16 is supported. I would use Java 8, since that is what ships with Minecraft.
  9. You're using OptiFine for 1.16.4 with 1.16.5, try removing that and see what happens. If it still has problems, post new logs please.
  10. Considering your other topic with broken code, I can almost promise you that it is indeed your code making it not compile. The deprecated features warning can more or less be ignored, and running on Windows you do not need to install gradle, the build process takes care of that for you. You also did not answer DaemonUmbra when he asked you if you are new to modding, and more importantly, if you are new to Java.
  11. Simple answer: yes, things changed from 1.15 -> 1.16, that method probably has a different name now (don't know what it is because I do not have a workspace setup currently). If you poke around in the Item class, you can probably find what it was changed to by looking at the type of the method parameters. If you are not decently familiar with Java, I would suggest learning more basic Java before trying to write a mod, you will be running into problems like this a lot if you do not.
  12. Please share a screenshot of exactly what you are talking about.
  13. Experience, mostly, but if you search it for "Caused by", and look at the exception and the list of calls that led up to it, you can usually see some package names in there related to a misbehaving mod. Not ALWAYS the case, sometimes something broken can make it look like something else is causing the problem. But, it's a good place to start.
  14. https://forums.minecraftforge.net/announcement/13-some-old-installers-currently-do-not-work-use-latest-for-your-version/ Also, really old versions are just not supported anymore. Information on supported versions: https://forums.minecraftforge.net/topic/91712-supported-version-directory/
  15. I can confirm from a post in another thread that forge only supports up to Java 15. If installing another Java version results in an unexpected version running, this is due to the path setup. Either the path needs to be corrected, or all versions except the one you're trying to use should be removed.
  16. I did both client and server just in case there was a difference in downloading/installing either one, both worked. Glad it's working for ya, only thing I could think of if it works for me but not you guys would be some sort of internet/firewall issues or something!
  17. I just ran the installer for the latest version, and it didn't give me any errors
  18. Have you tried with Java 8? Java 8 is the one that ships with MC, so is likely most compatible, and I think I saw someone say that forge works with up to Java 15. *edit: also, your log says Java 16
  19. If you're just running java programs, you only need the JRE. If you can't open jar files after installing Java 8, it's probably messed up file associations. Can't tell for sure without seeing a log or error message.
  20. Also, make sure you are running the forge jar, hard to tell since your commandline says "server0.jar". I would advise against renaming the forge jar to some arbitrary name.
  21. I do not believe your issue has to do with the warning about advanced terminal features, rather I think it may be due to using Java 16. Try it using Java 8, which is the version MC uses, although I think I saw something somewhere saying forge works with up to Java 15.
  22. Not wrong, just not finished. Until you create a class with the Mod annotation, there is no mod, and it does not build your src/package/directory structure for you. Without those things, there is nothing to build. My suggestion would be start with checking out the examplemod src and seeing how it is set up, and making it run.
  23. There's nothing to build if you don't have/have not created any sources. You have to create a mod in java before you can build it. Extract the MDK and copy everything you copied, plus the src folder, and don't edit out the examplemod stuff out, and you will be able to build the example mod without writing your own code.
  24. Try deleting C:\Users\cleme\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\config\fml.toml and see if that helps, looks like it's crashing trying to read that file
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