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  1. More information is needed. How did you try to run it? What happened when you did?
  2. You shouldn't quote an error like that, full logs are needed for context. A github repository of the current code is also helpful, as opposed to copied and pasted bits, and would possibly avoid errors in communication such as the (seemingly) missing get() method call. I believe these things are needed for further assistance/debugging.
  3. Ugdhar

    Play Demo

    What does that mean, exactly? If you didn't buy it directly from minecraft.net, or perhaps the Microsoft store, then you may have been scammed and/or sold an illegal/illegitimate copy.
  4. When you say "doesn't work", does the code even run? Does it tell you why it doesn't work? Error or anything?
  5. I think something (a mob, a pylon, whatever) that does temporary mind control is a neat idea. Just so long as it's not over the top in terms of duration, or insta-kill or anything like that. Cool idea!
  6. That debug.log does not look complete. Pasting it into a forums message may have truncated it, you should try posting it to a site like gist.github.com or something, and sharing the link here.
  7. You should post your installer log, it will be in the same folder as the installer jar file, with a .log extension. It may provide more useful information.
  8. FTP can transfer any type of file. When you say "Im trying to drop this file to the server", what exactly are you trying to do? What are you using to do it? What happens when you try?
  9. Looks like a known issue with the cyclic https://github.com/Lothrazar/Cyclic/issues/2192
  10. I'm not sure, try browsing through your mod folder, and make sure you only have 1 copy of each mod. Sometimes when a mod is updated, the filename changes, and if you just add the new version, the old version is still in there. That's one possibility I suppose.
  11. From what I understand, enough has changes since 1.12.2 that a rewrite usually makes more sense than trying to update, depending on the mod functionality. I would also suggest making a github repository for the code, as opposed to some random download page. It would make it easier for interested people to collaborate updating the source.
  12. If you definitely have Java installed, you could try jarfix, as it sounds like your .jar file association has been changed. https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html#Download
  13. The error isn't about the mods.toml (that's just a warning), it's saying you have duplicate mods in your mods folder.
  14. Does it still crash if you remove Optifine? The version of Optifine you have I do not even see for download on their page anymore (looks like you have a prerelease version), and also you are using Forge 1.19-41.0.110 which there is no version of Optifine for. Make sure your version of forge matches the version that Optifine specifies on their download page for maximum chances of compatability.
  15. Bedrock edition and Java edition are so vastly different it is like comparing apples and driveshafts. If you feel that Bedrock is better, why not play that? With every version of the Java edition, Mojangsoft changes quite a bit, which means forge has to have parts rewritten/updated to keep working. Sometimes these changes are massive. I'm fairly certain that the json addon system in Bedrock cannot do nearly as many things as modding the java edition with forge. If you look around on here, you'll find tons and tons of threads about this same topic, with more or less the same explanations.
  16. Which browser? I'm just curious, since this issues seems to be a chrome issue, and if you got another browser that is based on chrome, it may have the same issue. I'm able to download forge just fine using Firefox. If you search around on here, Lex posted a possible fix, but from what I've seen it does not work for everyone.
  17. Your version of JEI is too high for that regstrator mod.
  18. What are you trying to achieve? Firing an event at the wrong time sounds like a bad idea.
  19. Post the exact error, preferably your debug.log. I have never seen an error that says "Java Version doesnt work".
  20. Use a browser other than chrome
  21. There is no Optifine for that version of forge you are using. On the optifine download page (https://optifine.net/downloads) it shows you to the right of the download link the version of forge it is designed for. warjort mentioned this earlier in the thread
  22. You have a 1.19.2 mod in your 1.18.2 installation
  23. If you remove the Supplementaries mod, it cannot be the same (exact) error, so please post a new log to a paste site (such as gist.github.com) and link to it here for further debugging.
  24. Then try removing the Supplementaries mod, I believe it's the one crashing it trying to use newer supplier features
  25. I think you need to upgrade to a newer version of the 1.18.2 forge. Try the latest and see if that helps.
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