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  1. Update! The main offenders seem to be dynamic surroundings and better advancements. Whenever the time out happened the console would spit out "Loaded 790 advancements". With a bit of guess work I tested the game with better advancements removed and lo and behold the time outs stopped. I'm still testing to see if they're still happening though. They are, though not nearly as frequently so it'll probably be a while before I can find anything.
  2. Hello, I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this problem. I'm running a modded server with 208 mods on forge 1.12.2 - So far I've managed to fix most of the issues myself as I have some inside knowledge of how Java code works. Crash reports, logs, debug logs, etc. Well, there's one problem that continues to plague the server and all who connect to it (upwards of 10 people). Eventually, inevitably, the client will freeze for seemingly no reason and then time out. It may take anywhere from a minute to hours for Minecraft to respond again, but once it does joining the ser
  3. Not that I know of, sending the server configs to him worked. I think it might be that matter overdrive doesn't sync the server config with the client on joining.
  4. Okay, one of my players is having this issue after a server restart. We haven't yet had time to test other players and he's starting his game up right now to see if switching to server config does anything. I did change the configs before restart but nothing really drastic. I just decreased android spawns from matter overdrive and whitelisted 2 dimensions only for their spawning being overworld(0) and nether(-1). When he joins he's instantly kicked with an error regarding the registry for a friggen minecraft door??? EDIT: I also enabled drones and ranged androids in the c
  5. Forge version: Two players on my custom mod pack server are having an issue where their textures will turn completely black. The textures look normal when underwater but that's it. The water is a greyish color when far away and when up close turns a different color(can't remember the exact color). They both have AMD gpus and they are both newer cards set up for gaming(no overclock). This is the only similarity between these two players and I'll include a screenshot for clarity's sake. How do I go about diagnosing such an issue? We've looked in the logs and
  6. Those links should work now*, not sure what happened though since it seemed to just stop working out of the blue
  7. I'm not sure, it's just speculation but this error message (though usually having a negative number) typically means corrupted save file. Forge Version: Mod list will be attached (it's an HTML file) We made the mistake of using BedrockBGone and now the bedrock layer is literally gone thanks to us having to remove the mod for the reason of needing vanilla bedrock for some mods to work properly. All forms of retroactive generation (All non-risky Cofh options, Xplosion's FlatBedrock retrogen) have failed at creating a bedrock layer and we're now using cofh's flat bedro
  8. So when we start up 1.10.2 forge (mod list below) we have some... issues with console spam. I've tried removing many many things but have had no luck, and really don't want to do a merge sort on 210+ mods. Here's the message being spammed: Here's the mod list: Here's a picture of what's happening on the main menu: My friend is playing on a Macbook pro with intel i7 8 core 2.4 Ghz processor and a mobile dedicated GPU but for some reason his game still freezes to a halt at random in the server and in singleplayer. He runs pretty smooth fps but sudden
  9. Version: 1.7.10 So, we set up an ender-thermic pump in the nether, it's powered by a magmatic dynamo hooked up to some ender IO conduits and fluid pipes with an ender tank on top of the pump. So it worked fine literally yesterday and had been working fine since we started using it 3 days ago. However, today I noticed we weren't getting any power for the base. It was very strange, so I used my teleporter to go to the spot in the nether where the pump is to check on it. Instant crash... the crash report is... less than helpful. Here: http://pastebin.com/P7HU2t2j Ah,
  10. lol 5 minutes before you posted that we removed it plus e-flux and were able to join the server (still taking up like 3Gb of RAM though that's better than 6GB x.x)
  11. Its looking like JEI is cataloging so many recipes (over 9k of them) that it just plain times out the connection. Would explain the extreme lag in singleplayer, though an odd thing happened when I joined the server. This -> Very strange near the end there, what the heck is going on? (Sorry for the long client log >_<)
  12. I'm starting to think that singleplayer is just really badly optimized. I can run it if I give it 6 gigs of RAM, albeit with varying framerate (40 when not loading chunks but like 2-3 when moving an inch). Going to try it in multiplayer and see if the internal server is causing annoyances with memory.
  13. Running this custom pack with 4 GB RAM and still getting an out of memory crash when loading into singleplayer. I've removed over 100 mods so far, getting close to the issue, but if any insight into this crash report can be given before I spend countless more hours on this that'd be fantastic!
  14. Oh crap, for some reason curse thought thaumic tinkerer required codechickencore 1.7.10 as a dependency... weird
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