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  1. So, would the [ - / + ] signs then mean so and so lines [ before / after ] this line then?
  2. I have noticed that in the Forge source on github there are what look like some kind of annotation on MC source patches that takes the form of @@ -#,# +#,# @@ where '#' is a number, but I can't find anything on stackoverflow or general google searching about it. Does anyone know what this is and how it is used? Example: link
  3. Generally it is a good idea to let the server know what mods you have on your client in case something you do in your mod somehow conflicts with another mod. That way the other mod author can query the server if your mod is installed and enable appropriate compatibility features that they can implement themselves without relying on you specifically to fix your mod / enable compatibility on your end.
  4. Mouse.setGrabbed(false); This tells LWJGL to show the cursor. The cursor is normally hidden (grabbed) when not in a GUI screen. Edit: This works in forge 1.12 and since its LWJGL, it should work in 1.8.9 as well.
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