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  1. Where did you hear that? No you can play with anyone, on any server... All MultiMC does is allow you to create multiple installs of Minecraft... So say you want to play a modded minecraft - fine, create an instance run that instance and then exit then right click and edit mods look to the right and it should say MCforge, install the one that you want (355 is currently best for 1.4.2) and then run the instance again and exit out... After that just edit the mods and plug in what you want.... If you want to play vanilla minecraft, do the same thing but dont edit anything into it besides maybe some JAR mods like Reiminimap or etc that doesnt require the server to have it. using MultiMC I can join any server with any mod loadout and any vanilla server - Including offline servers. Just give it a try, if it still occurs, we know its a valid bug. Research it a little more...
  2. I have noticed a number of bugs with ID Resolver, but have been too lazy to try and debug them or tell the creators about it. I am not familiar with this bug, but I am almost certain its caused by IDresolver... I had to go through and edit my configs manually cause IDresolver would cause weird errors.
  3. Or you can do what our team is doing and creating serverside commands through the use of Forge. Check us out! We have regions and flags (stuff like noplayerblock which prevents players from mining or settingblocks), permissions, ranks, and more! Just click the banner in my signature!
  4. Try using multiMC and create a new instance for it. MultiMC is almost foolproof to install and use any version of forge, any version of minecraft, any mods (including jar, core, regular, and respacks.) Just plug and play... im telling yah, try it this way, cause it automatically installs forge for you. If the problem still exists then it might be a communication error with something on your computer between minecraft, forge, java, or your graphics. *shrugs*
  5. Make sure if it is client side that you delete META-INF from the jar. The other option is to use a fantastic launcher like MultiMC which will automatically install everything for you, just download and plug in, as well as allow multiple installs of minecraft (have a vanilla and have a modded at the same time.)
  6. Simple commands and Simple region is working on the ore regeneration within a set region. Check out our page and videos!
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