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  1. ANy progress with world destroying by mod items?
  2. You should add "I'm recording now" and "Stopped recording" messages, posted automatically to the chat Direwolf will appreciate.
  3. This is almost all I need! Thank you. There are problems, though. Players can destroy the land with "Wand of Excavation" from Thaumcraft 3, even if it is claimed by others. I suppose, something other (like Turtles from ComputerCraft) can destroy other's land too. Can this be fixed?
  4. I've installed Minecraft Server 1.4.7, Forge 6.6.0, BukkitForge-1.4.7-85 in "coremods" folder And after loading world I get never ending spam in the console: UPDATE: BukkitForge-1.4.7-26 seems to launch fine, with no errors. But using Thaumcraft 3 "Wand of Excavation" on regions, which doesn't allow to consctruct, use and so on (with WorldGuard 763-7b435f9 for 1.4.6/7) breaks blocks. So, I suppose, this all has not much point, if people want to use ForgeBukkit+WorldGuard on servers with mods to protect the land. Otherwise, they can use just Bukkit.
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