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  1. Yeah, no one else has reported an issue, and the user has 30+ mods installed. If it comes up again I will investigation it further. Thanks again for you suggestions.
  2. I have had little success testing with other mods in the development enviroment. I just get a bunch of class missing errors. I look into decompile but did not feel comfortable recompiling someone else's code. Is there a better way to debug with mods you do not have source for?
  3. All of tests I tried did not return the players uuid. The only thing I can think of is another mod has override the getid () method of the player. I told the user who reported the problem that at this time I do not have a solution. I am not going to test with all the mods they have installed. Thank you for you help.
  4. From my testing it seems like the player profile was modified by another mod. The player has no uuid assigned at the time of the error. It is caused when the Village class tries to get the reputation of the player for that village. Since the player profile does not have a UUID, the error occurs.
  5. I posted the wrong function. I was debugging and copied the wrong code. Here is the culprit. if (gameprofile != null) { nbttagcompound1.setString("UUID", gameprofile.getId().toString()); nbttagcompound1.setInteger("S", ((Integer)this.playerReputation.get(s)).intValue()); nbttaglist1.appendTag(nbttagcompound1); }
  6. Line 39: vil.writeVillageDataToNBT(nbt); It could be that another mod has altered or delayed the players gameprofile from being complete? I will wait for the first 5 second delay before calling writeVillageDataToNBT. Maybe this will allow the player profile to be setup before accessing it. I will output the ID with the exception catch. If it is blank. System.out.println("Invalid Argument Exception Occurred. Player ID:" + player.getGameProfile().getId().toString() + "\\n Please report this as an issue at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/zc-village-information \\n T
  7. I am not writing the player NBT I am writing the village NBt to an nearly empty NBTTagCompound. I also do not call the method every tick. Only every 5 seconds calculated by the system time. A player should be available my method is called in this loop; for(EntityPlayer player : ms.getEntityWorld().playerEntities){ The error has to do with the gameprofile of the player. This happens in the Village class of Forge; if (gameprofile != null) { nbttagcompound1.setString("UUID", gameprofile.getId().toString()); nbttagcompo
  8. It is called from the server tick event; @SubscribeEvent public void onTick(ServerTickEvent event){ if(event.phase == Phase.START){ Maybe I should use a different phase instead of Phase.START?
  9. This is the line that is being called. vil.writeVillageDataToNBT(nbt); Since my method does not pass the player, that is done in the Village class, I wont share all the code. However, if it helps here is how I get the Village; for(Village vil : player.worldObj.villageCollectionObj.getVillageList()) The exception occurs deaper in the code; java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Name and ID cannot both be blank at com.mojang.authlib.GameProfile.<init>(GameProfile.java:25) at net.minecraft.server.management.PlayerProfileCache.func_187319_a(SourceFile:8
  10. Hello everyone, I wrote this mod because I could. Hope you like it... Get it here: ZC Entity Information Check out my other mod if you like: ZC Village Information Features Displays a list of entities in the players area. (120 Blocks) Displays the number of entities spawned for each entity type. (Only entities the client is aware of.) Shows the position of each entity with a line. Server OP's can disable the use of entity lines on the player client with a server command. See Commands: In the mod options you can change the text position on the screen. Press the Advanced
  11. Hello, my mod had an issue reported by a user and I can't figure it out. In the server code I get the village closest to the player. I then write the village to NBT using; private NBTTagCompound CreateVillageNBT(EntityPlayer player, Village vil){ NBTTagCompound nbt = new NBTTagCompound(); nbt.setInteger("MsgType", 1); //Get the players UUID nbt.setString("UUID", player.getGameProfile().getId().toString()); //Get the current server tick time. nbt.setInteger("ServerTime", splitTime); if(vil != null){ try{ vil.writeVillageDataToNBT(nbt); }catch(IllegalArgumentExcepti
  12. Change the name of you static enum MineralzItems or your class MineralzItems. Since they are the same name and contain static properties the compiler can not figure out which one to use. The error tells you. init() is undefined for your enum MineralzItems which is in the class Reference.
  13. Hello everyone, I wrote this mod so I don't have to keep looking at the villages.dat file to see what is happening to my villages. It has expanded from there. Get it here: ZC Village Information Check out my other mod if you like: ZC Entity Information Features Village information is displayed when you are near a village. Message from the server indicating you are inside. outside, or not near a village. Calculated on the server side. Village center location (X Y Z), Village radius. Number of doors in the village. Number of villagers in the village. (Villager cap), Numb
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