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  1. i managed to solve this my myself and i am not shipping natives as a exe and these natives aren't mine but that libs that i use
  2. what? if you mean to just embed things into my mod then i can't: The lib that i use needs natives i dont want to include all of them in a single jar bcuz that would weight 150mbs so i made 3 jars for each os separate but when i sent them to curse the windows one got rejected bcuz it contains a .exe (that comes from the windows native jar (the exe is a 7zip binary and is used to unpack the native that are inside of a 7z file thats inside of the jar)) so i need to download the natives at runtime and insert them into the FML class path (like they were just regular mods)
  3. Hello i want to make a simple core mod which will download native dependencies that are required by my forge mod: I have this class now: https://github.com/lukas2005/Device-Mod-Apps/blob/master/src/main/java/io/github/lukas2005/DeviceModApps/coremod/CoreModMain.java But the code doesnt get executed. Can someone help me?
  4. how to use the IRecipe interface (what shloud all of these methods return?)
  5. nah i like switch better instead of big if-else block what is wrong with it? (heard that switch blocks have better performance but idt that matters in a drop event) Also how do i register a crafting recipe for each variant of my block it shloud look like this for each dye color (i did it so that block metadata matches dye metadata to make this easier)
  6. ye that is a bit hacky solution for custom drops from vanilla mobs i would appreciate if you would suggest something better to me
  7. i got this code: @Override public ItemStack getPickBlock(IBlockState state, RayTraceResult target, World world, BlockPos pos, EntityPlayer player) { return new ItemStack(this, 1, getMetaFromState(state)); } but it doesnt seem to work
  8. ok now when in creative mode and i have my colored planks in the hotbar and i try to grab a diffrent color using middle click it doesnt allow me to do so how to fix that?
  9. ok did that now when i place a lets say red block it still seems to place the default (0) metadata value (black)
  10. how do i make it so it will have "dynamic" look (diffrent metadata = diffrent color in inventory)
  11. ok i managed to fix the purple check board thing now it doesnt has a texture in the inventory how to fix that?
  12. rest of the file looks like this { "forge_marker": 1, "defaults": { "model": "minecraft:cube_all" }, "variants": { "variant": { "black": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_black" } }, "blue": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_blue" } }, "brown": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_brown" } }, "cyan": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_cyan" } }, "grey": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_grey" } }, "green": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_green" } }, "light_blue": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_light_blue" } }, "light_gray": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_light_gray" } }, "lime": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_lime" } }, "magenta": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_magenta" } }, "orange": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_orange" } }, "pink": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_pink" } }, "purple": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_purple" } }, "red": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_red" } }, "white": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_white" } }, "yellow": { "textures": { "all": "multic:blocks/colored_planks/colored_planks_yellow" } } } } }
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