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  1. Great. Thanks for taking time out to read all that.
  2. Hey all. I'm trying to figure out this id-shifting thing, and after scouring the net & forums I think I've got it, I just want to check here to make sure. Previously I thought that block ids could range from 1-4096, and items could range from 1-31743, and that the ids for blocks & items were kept separate, meaning a block could have id 4000, and an item could have the same id. I now understand that's wrong. It used to work, b/c I didn't know about the id shifting. So here's how I have it figured, and I think I have it right: First, blocks are stuck using ids 4096 and below, with 1-255 being used for worldgen. Items can use any id up to 31743, though they should begin at 4097 to leave the lower ids for the blocks. The game adds 256 to the item (not blocks) ids defined in the config files, and it leaves the blocks alone - this is a throwback from older versions of MC when blocks could only be from 1-255, so the shifting was done to keep the first 255 ids open for blocks. Technically, ids can have a shifted id up to 31999, so to use the 4097-31999 id range, items can be defined in their configs from 3842-31743, and blocks from 1-4096, and there will be no conflicts. I only see one mod so far that doesn't jive with this, and that's the Extra Bees addon for Forestry. In that config, there are 2 blocks, liquid and liquid container, that are given 8500 & 8510 as ids, but the game adds 256 to both of those, so I'm guessing those are actually items that are defined as blocks in the config by mistake. Do I finally have all this right? I use a buttload of mods, and I manually assign ids to all of them in their configs (keeping it all straight on a spreadsheet), so it's imperative I figure this out. A big thanks to whomever reads all that and responds!
  3. FYI, Herblore is incompatible with Forge for now, but it will be when it updates to 2.0, which he is currently working on, per his thread. It happens to be one of the mods I'm waiting for and have been checking the thread daily.
  4. Yep, I'm using 1.4.5_HD_U_D3. Is there really any benefit to using Optifine if I'm only using 32X32 textures? Not atm, but will be when the Faithful pack comes out anyway. Question: Next time it happens, if I save the game and remove Optifine, if it is indeed the culprit then will the textures be fixed if I reload the game, or do they stay messed up? Guess I"ll find out next time it happens..... Edit: Started a new game to test, and before long I had 2-legged cows walking around. Saved, removed Optifine, reloaded, and the cows have 4 legs. Guess that was it... thanks man!
  5. This bug showed up in 1.4.2, and I gave up with it today and switched to 1.4.5, and I didn't see it again... until now. Newly-installed 1.4.5, forge build 378, all newly downloaded mods, and it's back! Some screens: http://s1278.beta.photobucket.com/user/Joe_Kool72/media/cow.png.html?sort=3&o=0 http://s1278.beta.photobucket.com/user/Joe_Kool72/media/sheep.png.html?sort=3&o=1 If I do remove the mod that's causing this, should I be able to reload the save and see those mobs correctly, or would you think once the bug has hit those mobs are saved like that and I'd only be able to tell on a newly generated mob?
  6. Played around for about an hour last night with the hack installed. No crashes to report! I'm sure it would have within that time so looks like it did the trick, good job man! @keepcalm Not sure who you were asking, so here's mine. Had to break it in half so pastebin would accept it. Part 1: http://pastebin.com/FXnFgB09 Part 2: http://pastebin.com/NN7p5Rt5
  7. Hey if you could post instructions on whatever you did to hack your forge I'd appreciate it. If it's not too much trouble, of course I have no idea what it takes to do something like that, so if it's a headache then don't bother...
  8. I've been trying to get all these mods working without ID Resolver to see if it runs better. Can't do it man. I'm about 2/3 the way through, and now I get a black screen after loading the next mod, regardless of what the mod is. After getting 40+ mods going, this is a serious let down. It really is a pain going in and editing all those id's, so now I'm looking at some other, hopefully better, loaders. Any thoughts on Magic Launcher? I tried that once already, but it was showing errors on several mods and ended up crashing with about a dozen loaded. Not sure I was doing it right though, so I'd be willing to give it another go.
  9. Some progress... The broken world repeats the crash after I installed the Reptiles mod. It's repeatable: Remove mod, the world loads, install the mod, it crashes. And, with Reptiles installed, remove Mo'C, and the world loads, put Mo'C back in, it crashes. Yet, installing both mods into a clean game with no other mods installed and they both work fine alongside each other. It's enough to make my head hurt. Mods installed up to this point: Gonna move Reptiles to a probation folder and keep on plugging, see if there are any others... Finished going through them all. The only one that repeated the crash when I loaded the broken save was Reptiles. Gonna keep that one out of the mix for a while and see if the game is more stable.
  10. It's definitely more complicated. I was using Mo'Creatures just fine as soon as it was updated. I didn't start getting this new world-killing crash until after I expanded my game with all these betas. There were still crashes but nothing like this one. Maybe I'll load up a fresh directory and use Mo by itself and see what happens.... Edit: Mo' works just fine by itself. So Mo isn't the problem itself, but it's definitely (or almost definitely) part of the problem.... Maybe I'll get my full load going until I get another busted world, save that world file, then reload my mods, with Mo being one of the first, then just keep trying to load the broken world and see if it works or not. Try to whittle it down. Interesting how Mo & DivineRPG together cause the problem too though; I'm not using Divine at all.
  11. Interesting... removed Mo'creatures and created a new world, and it stayed up for a few minutes. The crash would have happened within the first few seconds. Unfortunately, I had already deleted the broken worlds so can't test it there. BUT, when this error did kick in, I wouldn't be able to last more than a few seconds in a newly created world so looks like it may have something to do with mo'c... Sucks too, as that's one of the main mods I want to use. Was really hoping the problem was with one of the betas.... Edit: Just plugged Mo'Creatures & CustomMobSpawner back in, created a new world, and it crashed just seconds into it. Removed the mods, reloaded the now broken world, and it seems to be running fine. Looks like Mo is the culprit... :(
  12. Seriously bummed. Got my game all tricked out, got everything working together, was playing for about 40 mins last night then the 'internal server shut down' and it crashed. Now it crashes within seconds of either loading a saved game, or creating a new world. I even copied the entire .minecraft directory over from a backup, and it still crashes! I am running a bunch of mods, with several that are in beta, so I'm sure it's not a forge problem specifically, but since I don't have a clue where to start, and since forge is basically the foundation for the other mods, here I am, hoping somebody here can point me in the right direction. On to the spoilers... JAR mods (in the order they are installed; am I correct in assuming all API's go into the jar?) Crash Report: Note I am unable to post the contents of the ForgeModLoader-client-0.txt file. I tried in this post, as well as making it its own post, and I keep timing out. I'm guessing it's just too long. Going through it, I did find some lines that may be of interest though: Note the 2 errors that say I'm using outdated buildcraft & forestry mods; both versions are the most recent betas I am able to find.
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