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  1. Hello Guys, I've just looked through the entire modifications of Minecraft again and saw that many programmers program the modifications in Java for Minecraft, synonymous just CSharp or C ++ program. What really surprises me is that this bunch of programmers with the prospect that Minecraft is slowly dying out have not even come up with the idea to program a Minecraft-like clone in cSharp or something that can be modified and looks better than the Broken Clone MineTest or the non-modifiable clone Terasology. Do you all just do not feel like developing something cool for free or what you think it is that these clones are dying out or are not being used properly and what really good does not appear despite the potential
  2. Earthcomputer thanks fpr the first informations but this bring me nothing when forge has no correct 1.10 doku where i can find informations to your steps
  3. the 2 solutions are interesting by me But i want replace all
  4. Hello, i want to replace CoalOre with my own Ore. Now i have searched a answer for this, but the community stock on 1.7 or 1.8 . Can anyone say me how i can replace in worldgen the coalOre with my ore ? I have show the Forge Docu, but this is not a really good book Thanks befor for all Helpers, and sry for my bad English
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