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  1. Hi everyone, i recently fixed the bug when riding a dragon that would cause the camera to be used as an xray passing through the blocks below, basing from rideable vanilla mobs like horse or pigs they orient the camera by using raytraceresult and subtract the distance from behind hence reducing the zoom dist thus fixing xray, their parameters are filled with rarely used methods what are their purposes? for (int i = 0; i < 8; ++i) // max thirdPersonDistance = 4 so 8 is a X 2 version? { float f3 = (float)((i & 1) * 2 - 1); // is 2 half of thirdPersonDistance? float f4 = (float)((i >> 1 & 1) * 2 - 1); // what the point of 1? float f5 = (float)((i >> 2 & 1) * 2 - 1); f3 = f3 * 0.1F; // why are they converted to 10 %? f4 = f4 * 0.1F; f5 = f5 * 0.1F; RayTraceResult raytraceresult = this.mc.world.rayTraceBlocks(new Vec3d(d0 + (double)f3, d1 + (double)f4, d2 + (double)f5), new Vec3d(d0 - d4 + (double)f3 + (double)f5, d1 - d6 + (double)f4, d2 - d5 + (double)f5)); Their purpose might help improve my xray fix. It isnt perfect XD
  2. sorry for necroing this post but when i call the method it makes other stuff unintentionally smaller
  3. ok 1.13 i here rewrote my blocks invidually now how do i datafix? I saw choonsters code but i find it too complicated how does it work to it core?
  4. what do you mean open build.gradle as a project?
  5. ok i solved it just forgot to call this: bannerModel.renderBanner();
  6. @V0idWa1k3r Ok man thank for the TileEntityItemStackRenderer advice and initalized it by calling TileEntityBanner.setItemValues(); now i know the model works because the top wooden part of the banner renderers but the slate with textures doesnt what am i doing wrong here? https://pastebin.com/GMaVFGK8
  7. @V0idWa1k3r i already done that but how do i get the textures for it? you said puling out the data from the itemstack but i see no methods of getting the tileentity from Item.class. what do i need to call the the banner tile entity since it the only one that tores the data not the blockbanner nor the itembanner private ResourceLocation getBannerResourceLocation(TileEntityBanner bannerObj) { return BannerTextures.BANNER_DESIGNS.getResourceLocation(bannerObj.getPatternResourceLocation(), bannerObj.getPatternList(), bannerObj.getColorList()); }
  8. @V0idWa1k3r I used your second option to render it as an item but now i want the stick to be gone from the item, i will render it from the model so i can set bannerModel.bannerStand.showModel = false; now you gave me this advice how do i pull out the data from the item?
  9. Ok sorry for necroing this post. Using the render by item method works for me. but the problem is that it shows the bannerstand model which is the brown stick below i want it gone now, its there because I rendered it by the item model entity. now i want to render the banner model in the render instead of calling in the item model, with it can finally set bannerModel.bannerStand.showModel = true; to false removing the stick beloww. but how do i call in the item tileentity straight from the inventory data for the textures to render, the texture is automatically called in by the item?
  10. so how do i restore items from old world saves without calling in the "id" in DataFixers. As much as i can ee in Choonsters code when he helped me in datafixers i dont see him setting an ID.
  11. how was their "id" set then when we call Item.setRegistryName or Item.etUnlocalizedName or Item.setTranslationKey
  12. Ok someone debugged it and it say that the "id" nbt is null. Does registering an Item make an nbt already?
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