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  1. This also solved my problem. I appreciate you posting back on this. Thanks.
  2. I went and updated all of my java versions, however, the same error still persists.
  3. Hello, so I've decided to start updating my mod to 1.12.2, however, I am running into an issue while trying to decompiling minecraft: I looked at past threads posted early November about the servers being down, is this still the case? Can I do something about this, or do I have to wait? Thanks.
  4. Oh, I was using a different event ( PlayerEvent.HarvestCheck ) to do this. As I now realize, this isn't what I wanted, so I will be using this event. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I'm trying to get a position of a block the player has mined, to replicate a veinminer type effect. I have an IBlockState, however, I do not see anything to get a position from this. Thank you.
  6. Okay thanks, got it to work based on the shulkerbox. Point out any errors if you see any, but it works perfectly.
  7. Hello, So my TE has some data that I would like to be transferred across breaking/placing. I have some base code, however, it does not work. When destroyed, no data tags are stored and nothing is saved. Here is my current code: Thank you.
  8. Okay, this seemed to fix it. However, as I've been experiencing this issue, I would like to see if I could fix it: It seems that my chat messages I send to the player print twice, I don't know if the method is getting called twice, regardless, it is not intended. Here is my updated code: Thank you.
  9. Even with this change ( EnumActionResult.PASS ) to ( EnumActionResult.SUCCESS or even EnumActionResult.FAIL ) it still does not function. (It just opens the TE) Am I missing something?
  10. That isn't exactly what I wanted. I need it to be bypassed when unsneaked and the player right clicks. I do believe I need to use an event, I just don't exactly know which one to use. Here is the reformated and updated code: Thanks.
  11. Okay, I got it half-working now. Is there any way I can cancel the action of the TE opening (or even delay it); so that everything within: player.isSneaking() is called? As currently, trying to right click it to set said store list to the TE results in opening it instead. Thank you.
  12. Hello, So I'm trying to store so information onto an NBTTag however, I'm running into an issue where the item doesn't actually have an NBTTagCompound. Ex: stack.hasTagCompound() returns false; thus I cannot access it as it will return null. Here is my code: Thanks.
  13. Okay, how would I create scrolling functionality? I looked into the creative inventory, and really didn't see how it works Also, how do you change the texture of buttons, these default ones look hideous when invalidly scaled.
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