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  1. It's for 1.6, but maybe this will help: https://github.com/WildBamaBoy/modjam-dec-2013/blob/master/Forge/mcp/src/minecraft/spellbound/item/ItemBookOfSpells.java
  2. Hey, thanks for the fast reply. I'll definitely be looking into that. By "items can have many localized names", did you mean unlocalized? Which item does this? If you meant localized, then wouldn't it be simpler to enforce unlocalized names as registry names since they do not change? While I can't think of any benefit to this right now (except in my situation), it might be helpful for something we're not thinking of at the moment.
  3. Once a player logs in, I have to assign a client entity's inventory so that their held item, worn armor, etc. shows up immediately to the player instead of when their inventory is eventually accessed and assigned by Minecraft's S2FPacketSetSlot packet. The player can place any item or block in this inventory, so the entity is basically a moving chest. The player can also change out their weapon, armor, etc. which will be displayed for all clients. Since item IDs are a thing of the past, this has been broken. My method before was to tell the client about the inventory items on login by sen
  4. Actually, just forget it. I'm quite happy with my own build script. Thanks for your help though.
  5. I really appreciate your help. This is all new to me, remember. I'm not familiar with gradle, maven, or anything like that. The core was published, apparently, but gradle still doesn't know where it is when building MCA. I'm not sure what else to tell it, or how. This is a lot more frustrating than it has to be, but I'm probably making it more complicated than it really is. I may end up modifying my original build script to copy the core's source where it needs to be and then build, if that would work. Although I'd like others to know how to implement the core correctly since it's open so
  6. Something like this? It can't find the core. It's in a completely separate folder with another copy of gradlew, the minecraft source, etc. and its src/main/java is a linked folder in MCA's eclipse workspace. I don't understand how it is supposed to know where "com.radixshock.radixcore" is supposed to be, or how to tell it that. The core's relevant build.gradle section: [...] apply plugin: 'forge' version = "1.0.0" group= "com.radixshock.radixcore" archivesBaseName = "RadixCore" [...] MCA's relevant section [...] dependencies { classpath 'net.minecraftforge.g
  7. Trying to build MCA using Gradle. It now uses another separate "mod" that contains core functions, interfaces, etc. that I plan to reuse. When building, Gradle can't find any references to this other mod. How do I point it in the right direction? My file setup is probably very weird. I'm not sure what it's generally supposed to be with multiple mods, plus I'm using Git and I'm not very experienced with it. Gradle |_src |_main |_ java |_ mca |_ [mca's packages] |_ radixcore (this is the other mod's repository from GitHub) My Ecl
  8. I'm adding a sapling class with twelve different sub-blocks. The saplings show the correct texture when placed in the world, but when in the inventory they always show the icon of the first sapling. I've checked and getIcon() is always being given a metadata value of zero. If I change meta to any other appropriate number then that sapling's icon is shown. I cannot figure out why this is happening. I do the exact same thing with my leaves and logs and it works great. Sapling class: package arrowsplus; import java.util.List; import net.minecraft.block.Block; import net.minecraft.
  9. If I could be pointed to some documentation of these "facilities" I'd gladly use them. And I know my method is bad, but it does/has worked without networking issues until now. Guess it has to go.
  10. Problems with Minecraft Comes Alive: Users of my mod that have Forge and above (so far) report problems that are not present on the recommended version that I link them to: Description I use a certain packet to update the client with the same randomly selected information that the server selected and keep it updated. This is the process: Client entity doesn't have a texture -> Sends "sync request" packet to Server containing entity id -> Server handles "sync request" by serializing and sending back the entity with the provided id -> Client sear
  11. GameRegistry. Don't use ModLoader.
  12. Take the check for world.isRemote off. A block change must happen both client (world.isRemote) and server (!world.isRemote) side in order for it to stay there.
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