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  1. i was screwing around with some gui's that weren't mine but i already found another (more complex ) way that i will try out later. And you are right, you need to keep those base class edits at a minimum. Thanks for your response
  2. hi, I would like to request an onInitGui method. I don't know if this is very useful for other people but for me it is. The onInitGui method will be called right after InitGui in GuiScreen setWorldAndResolution something like this.. public void setWorldAndResolution(Minecraft par1Minecraft, int par2, int par3) { this.guiParticles = new GuiParticle(par1Minecraft); this.mc = par1Minecraft; this.fontRenderer = par1Minecraft.fontRenderer; this.width = par2; this.height = par3; this.controlList.clear(); this.initGui(); ForgeHooksClient.onInitGui(this); } Maybe this could be added to the GuiHandler but i don't know if that is the right place for it. Thanks in advance, Crazyputje
  3. Do you mean this? ModLoader.setInGUIHook(this, true, false); ModLoader.setInGameHook(this, true, false); I found the problem and i have removed the code that check's if the world isn't null and it worked. I requested a pull so you can see what i changed and so you can maybe implement the fix.
  4. MCPatcher screws with forge's code if you want the better grass and other features you should check out optifine. It does similar things and is compatible with forge.
  5. An example is easily made: just print a string on each tick and watch when the spam appears. When using FML: spam starts when loading a game When using ML: spam starts when loading minecraft And modloader gets its ticks from the EnityRendererProxy (I think) package net.minecraft.src; import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft; public class EntityRendererProxy extends EntityRenderer { private Minecraft game; public EntityRendererProxy(Minecraft minecraft) { super(minecraft); game = minecraft; } /** * Will update any inputs that effect the camera angle (mouse) and then render the world and GUI */ public void updateCameraAndRender(float f) { super.updateCameraAndRender(f); ModLoader.onTick(f, game); } } updateCameraAndRender is called from runGameLoop in Minecraft.class
  6. Risugami's modloader starts to tick when minecraft is loaded, therefore also in the menu. I've just tested it again to make sure i was correct.
  7. hi, I'm having trouble with the new FML. onTickInGUI doesn't seem to work in the menu but only ingame. It doesn't give any errors, it just starts to tick when loading a game. Is this intentional or is this a bug? If this is intentional is their an other way to do the same thing but in the menu? Thanks in advance, Crazyputje
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