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  1. Ah, alright. I was looking for a 1.10.2 "title" somewhere. Thanks. Alright, found the link. Edited post above =)
  2. @Animefan8888 Dude, you can do whatever you want with your channel. If you make a tutorial, I'd appreciate it, but I think I can just read the docs within the classes and figure it out for myself =) Thanks for the offer though.
  3. @XFactHD Could you send me the link to the 1.10.2 API please? I just downloaded (DL'd the wrong one) it and noticed I had many errors, one being all ForgeDirections should be converted to EnumFacings. Thanks!
  4. Is that Youtube playlist just for 1.10.2 in general, or specifically directed at the CoFH Lib?
  5. Is the CoFH lib updated or working in 1.10.2? Also, if so, are there any tutorials/docs out there on how I'd get started with it? Thanks! SOLVED: Download the API below. It works with 1.10.2. Thanks to @Animefan8888 for mentioning and to @XFactHD for clarifying what had to be Dl'd. https://github.com/CoFH/RedstoneFlux-API/tree/1.8
  6. I did try solve it on my own before, but came up dry, then I had the bright idea to search it up in general terms (without "MC Forge" in my search). The benefit of this is that anyone else searching the question will see this page. I like doing this, as it can help others =) Cheers!
  7. Welp, finally figured it out! For all you guys out there that are asking the same question, what you want to do is click on the method you wanna view and then press <Ctrl+Q> or <Alt+ButtonClick2> and that'll show you the method description. Cheers!
  8. As the title says. How would I add method definitions to implemented Interfaces where you can hover over the Override-able method and it'll have a description of what it does, like Eclipse does. I went to the Forge API page, and none of the methods have descriptions, which really sucks (link below). I need method definitions for all IInventory methods (and all other interfaces I implement/classes I extend) because how else am I gonna learn what these methods do and when they are ran (If you know, please send me a link. The Forge Docs are actually kinda rubbish... lacks information). Thanks in advance! Link to Forge API page (Definitions non-existent)
  9. The title says it all. what is the use of markDirty()? In the tutorial I'm following, I have to use it when adding and removing a cracker, and I want to understand why.
  10. I have added EntityItem.hoverstart = 0f to fix my Special Rendering item to not be slightly rotated in one of the directions and I have no idea why it works. Can you please explain what this function does to the item. Thanks!
  11. Oh my goodness, I never knew this forge documentation existed! Thanks for sending me the link. This should keep me occupied for awhile. Hopefully by the end of tonight, I will be able to distinguish when to use what.
  12. Do you have any sources that can explain what must happen in server and what must happen in client, and which world param to use based on that. I'm still confused about the difference between them. =)
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