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  1. Well, that sounds like my answer. Thanks!
  2. Change the texture of 1 single cow, but not the others.
  3. Okay, so I've seen some resource packs that add more than 1 texture for a default mob, and that leads me to believe that what I want to do is possible... probably. Basically, I want to be able to set the texture of a minecraft mob (cow, for sake of example). Not all the mobs. I want to be able to take the cow and apply a certain texture to that cow individually... Is this even feasible? (I haven't done much research, but like I said, I expect its possible)
  4. If you need more examples/help, I implemented a fully functional furnace and crafting table in one of my mods, and made a thread to get help for each. The mod is 1.11.2 Crafting table thread: Furnace thread: All the related code is here: https://github.com/SocraticPhoenix/Randores/tree/master/src/main/java/com/gmail/socraticphoenix/forge/randore/crafting
  5. Do you register the model on client side?
  6. To do what, exactly? My problem is that I don't know how to update the armor's attributes, or why they're not just updating by themselves...
  7. Basically, I've got this armor item that has attributes (toughness and damage reduction) that can change depending on various stuffs. The attributes appear to change successfully, showing up differently in the item's lore, however, when I put the armor on, the gui shows the armor bar with an unchanged damage reduction, and the armor itself does not provide the proper amount of damage reduction... I'm having trouble figuring out where else the game could be getting the armor's information from, since I can't find any usages of the methods that access the unchanged damage reduction that do anything more than play a sound... The class I'm using is below: https://github.com/SocraticPhoenix/Randores/blob/master/src/main/java/com/gmail/socraticphoenix/forge/randore/item/FlexibleItemArmor.java#L167 If anyone knows what method I need to override, or if I need to update some data somehow, that'd be really helpful. Thanks for any replies.
  8. Minecraft has the ability to stack resources packs... is there no way to do this using that without reflection?
  9. How would I say... register new ResourceLocations as armor textures on the fly, with the locations pointing to files in the file system?
  10. Are model textures (armor, entity textures, etc.) also stored in the texture atlas? Is everything (all textures ever) stored in the texture atlas?
  11. Does each world have different id assignments? Strange... Also, thanks, it works!
  12. Basically, my question is, how does forge decide how to assign integer ids to items? I register a bunch of items, all in a certain order, but they show up in my tabs in a different order than they were registry. In addition, they should be in the proper order in the lang file, but again, they don't show up in the proper order in the creative tabs I've created. So... how are these ids generated? How can I make sure my items are in order?
  13. Thanks to everyone for all their help! The furnace works perfectly! (Even with hoppers! It's like magic!)
  14. I assume a furnace needs tick updates though.... that's what I was referring to
  15. So, on the player container open event, I get the player and pass it into the listener (IContainerListener)? Can I assume that that each player will always have a unique container object? That doesn't seem right... Especially since I need to do server side operations (though, if the listener only works on client, I could just do packet stuff)... Currently, this is theoretical.... I have of course looked at the classes necessary, but until I know everything works, I'm working on other things in the mod and pretending ender chests on multiplayer servers can't reach between worlds
  16. Is there a way to obtain the Player that's doing the clicking?
  17. Does the TileEntity implement inventory or container, or should that be a seperate class store in the tile entity as a field? Edit: and what interfaces should the TileEntity implement (if any)?
  18. Okay. (Also, YAY there is much success, the furnace is block and it can switch on and off and it is orientable and has a nice texture... now for the actual furnace-y part, thanks for all the help!)
  19. @Draco18s @diesieben07 Should my block extend BlockContainer? I remember seeing somewhere that BlockContainer was evil and to stay away from it...
  20. Yeah, but what, like is it. Conceptually I mean, what purpose does it serve in the game?
  21. So this is partially related to this thread I made: But it's a mostly different topic, so yeah. Basically, I want to create a custom furnace that behaves exactly like the vanilla one, except for my custom recipes. I know I need to implement TileEntity, and all the gui stuff, but I have some questions: What is tileentity exactly? What should I extend? TileEntity? TileEntityLockable? How does TileEntity relate to my Block? How do I save the inventory in the TileEntity? How do I properly add the IItemHandler capability to my TileEntity? How do I make the block face different ways? How do I make the texture go from not burning to burning, and have pretty particles? How do I handle timers? How do I figure out what items are fuel, and how long the fuel is supposed to burn? How do I make the GUI have the pretty animations? (Moving arrow, burning fire).
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