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  1. This might be what you need. http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/p/minecraft-forge-172-quick-tips-gl11-and.html Scroll down to this section: Ensuring Custom Entity Renders If Partially Out Of View
  2. Yea that's a common problem with most teleportation mods, I am planning on looking into it though as I also have a method of teleportation in a mod i'm working on. I know vanilla does a check when the player logs in to see if the dragon is there because it tries to render the boss bar or something like that. Atm I don't yet know of a way to remove the bar from in game properly.
  3. I do believe KeyInputEvent is fired only client side. So, what I would do is put this in it's own class where I can also have other client side only events and only register that in the client proxy. Then you can just useMinecraft.getMinecraft().player. Also remember that all logic, such as giving the player an item or spawning something, should only be done server side, so if you want to do that stuff you need to send a packet.
  4. Show your code. Also explain what you tried and how it didn't work.
  5. Here is what mcjty does in rftools, although you will probably have to go through his code a couple times as a couple of his own methods in different files. https://github.com/McJty/RFTools/blob/b738a7e6b830c7f4ceb763914200fc98e1ed5a83/src/main/java/mcjty/rftools/blocks/teleporter/TeleportationTools.java#L354-L369
  6. Do you mean like a twitch account, they are free to make and you will stay logged in. Then when you launch the game it uses Mojangs launcher so you just use your minecraft account to login there. Also I'm pretty sure twitch uses its own minecraft install. At least I know mine does Here is an article for playing minecraft with twitch: https://help.twitch.tv/customer/en/portal/articles/2764216-how-to-play-minecraft-with-twitch-app
  7. The twitch app has its own way of handling profiles, allowing you to have multiple profiles with whatever different mods you want even with different versions of Minecraft if you want. Then most mods can be added inside the twitch app as well without you having to move files around or anything like that.
  8. No idea what Magic Launcher is, but after looking into it a little it looks like it's just a minecraft launcher that is suppose to make it easier to get mods, right? Are you trying to run a server? Just let them play SinglePlayer? Or do a SinglePlayer world and then openToLan so they can play with eachother? If your trying to run a server then that is setup separately and I could link you some steps or something if you want. For playing without a dedicated server, so for SinglePlayer/ Singleplayer + openToLan, then what I recommend is using the twitch app to install mods. With the twitch app it is really easy to create a custom profile and add mods individually, or you can download preexisting modpacks that others built as well. https://app.twitch.tv/
  9. Replace the line where you reverse the motionY. Basically the line that is almost identical except I added the * HEIGHT_MULTIPLIER
  10. Yea I think that part is for particles: try doing this: entityIn.motionY = -entityIn.motionY * HEIGHT_MULTIPLIER;
  11. does that value actually affect players? because it says: if (!(entityIn instanceof EntityLivingBase)) doesn't that say if the entityIn is NOT an instance of EntityLivingBase?
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