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[1.16.5] Transparency Render Issue With Entity Layers

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What I've been trying to do is I have been attempting to implement an item that can create a transparent blue layer around the entire player. I am using Curios' API for this, as the item is meant to be an equippable accessory. There are also other accessories I have implemented to the mod using the API. I have been able to implement everything that handles this rendering with the accessory item, however I've become stuck after running into a specific issue: when the transparent blue layer is active, it will prevent any accessories specifically on the player's arms from rendering.

As far as I can tell, this only happens with the accessories on the player's arms (such as the gloves or even Curios' template knuckles item), as accessories rendering on the player's body for some reason render just fine under the transparent layer. Images for better context:



I have been at this for quite awhile but haven't able to figure out what is causing this issue, especially since the inconsistency between rendering for body parts has made me even more confused. It could be a Curios issue, but nothing in its accessory layer code exactly stands out as a cause (if it is indeed Curios' fault though it would at least be good to know what the issue is to pass on to the mod dev). The pendant and glove accessories both render with the same RenderType and render buffer, which I duplicated based on the vanilla armor layer's choices for that, as the vanilla armor layer is also immune to the transparency issue on the arm model part:


The relevant code for items and renderers can be found below:


- https://github.com/Gilded-Games/The-Aether/blob/1.16/src/main/java/com/gildedgames/aether/common/item/accessories/pendant/PendantItem.java

- https://github.com/Gilded-Games/The-Aether/blob/1.16/src/main/java/com/gildedgames/aether/client/renderer/accessory/model/PendantModel.java


- https://github.com/Gilded-Games/The-Aether/blob/1.16/src/main/java/com/gildedgames/aether/common/item/accessories/gloves/GlovesItem.java

- https://github.com/Gilded-Games/The-Aether/blob/1.16/src/main/java/com/gildedgames/aether/client/renderer/accessory/model/GlovesModel.java

Repulsion Shield (the item creating the transparency layer):

- https://github.com/Gilded-Games/The-Aether/blob/1.16/src/main/java/com/gildedgames/aether/common/item/accessories/misc/RepulsionShieldItem.java

- https://github.com/Gilded-Games/The-Aether/blob/1.16/src/main/java/com/gildedgames/aether/client/renderer/accessory/model/RepulsionShieldModel.java

and, if necessary,

Curios' Accessory Layer (code not mine, obviously):

- https://github.com/TheIllusiveC4/Curios/blob/1.16.x-forge/src/main/java/top/theillusivec4/curios/client/render/CuriosLayer.java

Any help would be appreciated, as I've run out of ideas for what could be causing this issue and how I could fix it. I can provide more information if needed.

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Ended up figuring out the issue, just had to resort to creating a new layer not dependent on Curios to handle the rendering. Also had to make sure to put the code that added the layer to the player into enqueueWork in the event I used, or else the same issue continued happening.

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