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Issue with mirroring block (1.16.4)


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I created a block and referenced most of the code from the end rod, cause I wanted it to be directional. The only issue I'm really stumped on is that it won't mirror the voxel shape at all. I've looked at how other blocks do the mirror method, but all seem to be not what I'm looking for. Any help?


I've looked around various forum sites and haven't found anything on them either

Code : https://pastebin.com/mdUR2SS7

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There is no such thing as a mirrored voxel shape. The #mirror and #rotate methods within Block are specifically for handling BlockState rotations within nbt structures, nothing more. If you want the VoxelShape to be rotated, you would need to construct the rotation yourself and apply it when necessary. It's always good to precompute all possible rotations and access them via a bit mask.

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