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Random annoying lag spikes, need help!


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I playing a long time minecraft and recently started searching for mods in Minecraft! So.... i installed normally forge with some tweak mods and optiforge. I updated Java and playing everything on the newest versions.

As I loaded in Minecraft and got on my own server, i noticed some random lag spikes out of the blue. First i thought I had some chunck loading problem but that was not the case because even if the nearby chunks been loaded, it was the same.

Than I tweaked some settings in game and some on windows is self. I checked if I had allocated enough RAM. But i had plenty space for playing it. I tried with some actuall mods like: Mekanism, FarmersDelight, BetterCaves, Waystones and some more.

It was the same result! Lag spikes were same as before but only my RAM was way more full. 


The things i did to solve it:

1. Reinstalled Minecraft

2. Reinstalled and updated java

3. Reinstalled my graphics driver

4. Watched some youtubes videos how to solve fps stutter and frezzes

5. Updated windows and rebooted my PC

6. Running only Minecraft and not getting interference from other programms 


Is the same as before........


I made some screenshots of my settings and hardware. Did put some log files (if needed).


Thanks for reading and hope someone can help me!

Your Leon

Detail Settings.png

Performance Settings.png

Quality Settings.png



Video Settings.png

Other Settings.png

Minecraft Launcher Settings.png


Mod Folder.png

Taskbar when running Minecraft.png

Windows version and its build.png


2021-04-29-1.log.gz debug-1.log.gz debug.log latest.log

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26 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Please try without Optifine and especially without Optiforge.

Yeah but than i can´t use any shader in Minecraft..........

I only know that you need optifine to use shaderpacks!

Is there no other way to fix it? But I could try removing the files and test if it worked!

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Just now, diesieben07 said:

You joined the world for like 30 seconds. Did the lag spikes already occur?

And again, you only need to post the debug.log.

So how long do i need to stay in the world for you to see some lag spikes? And yeah there was some minor lags but its not that big rather annoying.....

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1 minute ago, diesieben07 said:

How can I see the lag spikes? You are in the game...

:D , you have a point but then how can you help remove the spikes or frezzes? (no offense but even for me that would be kinda hard, to help someone and not seeing it for himself. I could take some vods with OBS but then it might cause lags it self)

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